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Confessions of an Indian Travel Blogger

Got other questions about travel, freelance writing or life? Leave a comment here or email me with the subject “Q&A” at shivyanath@gmail.com.

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  5. Travelfreak says

    Dear Shivya. Congratulations on this journey of following your dreams. I really liked your blogs and especially on Spiti Valley. It sure is on my list now. It thrills me to know that there are other Indian girls who are discovering the world and pleasure of solo travel.

    I read your travel secrets with a lot of interest and wanted to share my own experiences which may give you further ideas. I have returned from a travel around the world after one year and 2 months and I mainly followed my heart through the trip. I had no clue where I will be the next day and made decisions on impulse.

    One thing I learnt that travelling is not just about a destination or place but also the journey or experience of getting to the next place. And travelling is also knowing not only the locals but other people like ourselves who share our passion and are searching for those special moments. I backpacked in the true sense that you explained but then I did everything that I could, skydive, trekking etc by managing my budget through the travels. People travel from all over the world and I met and made friends with so many especially while staying in hostels. In fact, I not only found some very intersting and off beat places from them but also got invited to their own countries to stay with them.

    I spent nearly two months on an organic farm in Australia in the deep valleys of rainforest mountains and explored some restricted forest areas. Same happened in New Zealand. I also visited two lovely people from Slovenia and stayed in their village.

    I believe that travel is a process of knowing yourself and everything that is out there. Challenging ourselves with sharing not only with the locals but also people like ourselves who can enrich our experience of travel.

    Keep exploring and learning!!!!


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