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Cold rock, Singapore

Recently, I got introduced to this awesome ice cream parlor in Holland Village, Singapore. (It’s located close to Cha Cha Cha & NYDC, and almost opposite to Wala Wala.) It’s called Cold Rock and is an Aussie chain. They let you make your own ice cream! Along with the regular ice cream scoops, there’s a whole bunch of mix-ins to choose from, including (and not limited to) tim tams, cadbury flakes, M&Ms, Rochers, Oreos. I love the concept and the choice is almost overwhelming! I found the ice cream flavors a little weird though, especially all the chocolate ones. They aren’t strong / sweet enough, atleast for me. The bubble gum flavor is average too. The strawberry one is good though. But the mix-ins compensate for the most part, as does the set-up of the parlor. At the far end of the store are a couple of swings you can sit on! They almost bring back those childhood days of swings, sun and ice cream. Yummy.

Image: Cold Rock, Singapore

Number of ice cream cups cleaned: 3 and counting.

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