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Carpe diem!

This one is for all of us who have put our dreams on hold.

Remember when we were 16 and the world was our playground and nothing, absolutely nothing, was hard to envision?

Adulthood has undoubtedly put our dreams into perspective, magnifying the fine line between the good dreams and the bad, the big and the small, the realistic and the idealistic. It is trying to convince us that dreams are just that, and that life is meant to be filled with sacrifices.

It’s a lie.

Think of the last time you really, really wanted something and gave all you had to get it. Think of the thrill you felt, irrespective of whether you made it.

If the thought was short of a smile, you need to think again.

Cliched as it might sound, life comes with no warranty card. We spend so much of our time doing things we hate that we forget all about the things we love – future or no future. It’s not about being rich or famous or successful. It’s about knowing that at any given moment, there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing and nowhere else you’d rather be.

It’s about the dreams. Let them live with you, within you.

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Hello! I'm Shivya. 7+ years ago, I quit my full-time corporate job and started travelling the world. I gave up my home, sold most of my possessions and embraced the life of a digital nomad. I'm passionate about sustainable tourism, offbeat destinations, solo travel and veganism. If you enjoyed reading this blog post, leave me a comment and let me know. You can also buy a copy of my bestselling book, The Shooting Star. Thanks for joining my adventures virtually! Connect with me on Instagram/Twitter @shivya.


  1. What you say is absolutely right. Dreams are what make us. Dreams are what we want our lives to become. 🙂
    I can remember the print ad of one of the leading luxury car brands which said –
    “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”
    Inspiring…isn’t it?? 🙂
    Forces us to dream….

  2. I did try to think of the last time I felt wanted something. It only reminded how fleeting the feeling was. It just evaporated like milk left on the stove for too long

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