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Beijing Olympics, a fake start

Remember how we all gawked at out television screens during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics? The splendid fireworks became the talk of the evening (and of my blog). Well, well. Here’s what we know. A part of those fireworks were FAKED on our TV screens. They were digitally superimposed, even on the live coverage of the actual event.

And there’s more. If you watched the entire opening ceremony, you might remember that little Chinese girl who sang in Chinese, right at the start. Personally, I couldn’t make much of it, but her nightingalish performance was received with lots of applause and appreciation from the Bird’s Nest audience. Guess what? It was FAKE too! She was only mimicking the voice recording of another little girl. Apparently, the girl with the sweeter voice didn’t have the right look to befit a stage as precious the Olympics opening ceremony. A seven-year old girl, she was told that her personal appearance during the Olympics ceremony would ‘harm China’s image’. So, in Beijing, they very conveniently coupled the better voice with the better face, and raised all bars of fakeness.

Cruelty and stupidity, how’s that for the country’s image? 

This we know now. Fake fireworks and fake singer. Who knows what else was faked in the name of China’s image? Fake image, if I may.

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