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Breaking New Year Resolutions is So 2010.

This decade, let’s pledge that we shall do what we resolve, resolve what we want, and want what we need. No more New Year resolutions that are made to break. No more wishful thinking.

Keep 2011 resolutions

  • Take baby steps. If you throw yourself into the deep end, chances are you’ll drown. Cut it down one drink at a time. Aim for one better deed a day. Save up on one extravagant splurge a week. Make one new friend. Push yourself, but not so hard that you fall.

baby steps

  • Use social media. Let’s face it, we share the best & worst of us on Facebook, Twitter and every other whim we stumble upon. Use that same addiction to help you stick to them resolutions. Mashable has a neat list of resources, if your resolutions have to do with physical fitness, saving money or getting your online presence in order.


  • Find a buddy. Cheesy as it may sound, having friends with similar motivations can be a great way to keep resolutions. You can compare notes, start a routine, inspire, and compete.

buddyWhat are your resolutions for 2011? And how are do you plan to keep them?

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  1. manchitra says

    I need to look at the list of resources, Keeping fit is important you know. Getting friends with similar motivations really helps. I have started new hobby of bead work and making artificial jewelery and there is a group to share and discuss.

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