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Bringing the world together

250 million years ago, we all belonged together.

Back in the day, the seven continents were joined together into a single landmass. It was called Pangea, which in ancient Greek means ‘entire earth’. Then rifts happened, they broke up and started drifting apart. As did we, its people.

Today, we stand gripped by hatred, fear, jealousy, cowardice and anger. There are wars and shootouts, murders and rapes, slavery and injustice. People are dying.

On May 10th this year, the first-ever Pangea Day was celebrated. It aimed to bring together the people of Pangea, once the world to all of us, through the power of film. The idea was to collect short films and broadcast them at the same time to people all over the world. Films from every inhabited part of our earth. Films depicting every possible human emotion. Films viewed by all audience simultaneously.

I caught a one-hour recap on Star World and saw some very interesting clips. Apparently, Nokia, a Pangea Day supporter, distributed camera phones in many distant places about 6 months ago. People shot clips and made mini-movies everywhere, Mozambique, Germany, Uganda, India, London, USA, everywhere. The films broadcasted were beyond spectacular. My own favorites were the ones from India and the Mozambique.

They reminded us that there is still hope in the world. We are capable of bravery, love, honesty, forgiveness and friendship. People are still living.

Pangea Day was born out of the vision of Jehane Noujaim, a documentary film-maker. Thanks to her, so many people have found a vision of their own.

250 million years later, we all still belong together.

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