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Bungee Jumping!

Imagine riding in the sky, with your adrenalin soaring, the wind in your face, your heart in your throat, your stomach somersaulting, your head screaming obscenities. That’s just how it felt, like you were dropping, flying, defying gravity, falling, all in the same instant! 

Bungee Jumping wasn’t initially part of the plan. We were only looking for a 7-eleven at Boat Quay, landed instead at Clarke Quay, and got talked into “living the moment!” Carpe Diem, Seize the day. So the next thing the three of us know, we are on the Bungee Xtreme Swing at 1:15 am.

It was beyond scary, because the damned thing has nothing you can hold on to. You’re strapped in your seat and that’s about it. Then they raise you real high, and for the fall to start (it’s reverse bungee), you have to press a release lever. It’s a catch, trust me, if you’re entrusted with the responsibility of pulling it, sitting in the centre, shit scared. 

The drop was insane! I really can’t think of words to describe it. It was as though I was falling into the dark of the sky and the dark of the river, into the nothingness. I could feel nothing but the wind and hear nothing but my incessant screaming. It was brilliant! 

So brilliant that it convinced us into converting our single xtreme bungee pass to a combo. We were so thrilled; it only made sense to go all out and do the reverse bungee jumping too. Since we had survived the “xtreme”, we kind of underestimated the reverse. Gosh. It was scary and I don’t exaggerate. We were thrown up in the air, then back, somersaulting every now and then. At one point, we were sure we were going to be thrown off our seats, all the way down, gone forever! It was beyond brilliant. 

If you really want to see my version of fear, excitement and thrill, watch the video below. Please excuse the incessant cursing and let the fear justify it! (I used the free version of Geovid to shorten the video, hence the irritating logos).

I’m still high from all the bungee jumping. There’s a 50$-shaped hole in my pocket, but it doesn’t matter right now. It was worth every cent. I’m exhilarated. What a brilliant way to live! 

Legen….wait for it………………………………………………………DARY!

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  1. Man real scary it 🙁 but isnt bungee is all about falling from height with that rope tide to waist ? Sorry I am too poor into this 😀

  2. @ BlueMist: Yeah, you’re right 🙂 Unfortunately, in Singapore, we only get a mild taste of the real thing, Reverse bungee.

  3. Wow, it looks brilliant and scary. I saw the video on mute as I was with my daughter. I don’t think I have the guts in me to experience such a thing. It should have been an exhilarating experience. Nice way to say $50 sized hole! It is good to live the moment once a while!

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