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For a month and a half now, all I’ve been hearing is insurance, investments, whole life plans and visa debit payment! Today, I go to Cadbury and honestly, it was like music to the ears: Their business structure is segregated into 3 divisions: Chocolate, gum and candy! WOW. What motivation! Who wouldn’t want to get up each day and go to work there? Yummy. 

At the Cadbury Asia Pacific office, the walls are all purple, inspired obviously by Cadbury’s Purple Reign. It’s classy, luxurious and very welcoming. Despite a corporate-ish atmosphere, the place looks so much more alive and happening than your usual office setting. I really felt this strange sense of belonging about the place. I hope someday, I’ll get to work there. 

Until now, I had looked at Cadbury only from a consumer’s perspective. It’s one of those brands that we all grew up with. With the Dairy Milks and the Perks and the Five Stars and of course, Bournvita. Today, however, I went through this transition and started to look at Cadbury from a whole new angle. It’s such a brilliant brand. Somehow, it’s become such a special, yet taken-for-granted part of our lives. And even behind the covers, it’s seems to look so full of its sugary ingredients. Probably one of those companies whose vision is equal to their destiny, and their destiny equal to the experience they create. “Brands that people love”, that’s it, their destiny, vision and experience.

Oh, I want to go work for Cadbury. I want to think of chocolate when I wake up and think about it all day, every day. 

A glass and a half full of joy.

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