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Coldplay Live in Singapore!

We didn’t get to heaven but we made it close.

 This is going to be a really short post, because I can’t even begin to describe what it feels like seeing Coldplay perform live! Chris Martin is really awesomeness personified, with an unbelievable voice and a truckload of energy. *Bows*


I am still suffering from Coldplay withdrawal symptoms, or as my friend would say, Coldstroke! I can still hear violet hill live in my head, I can still choke on Chris Martin doing fix you,  I am still speechless imagining the hardest part, I am still lost. What a concert!

And in the end
We lie awake
And we dream
We’re making our escape…


  1. @ Varun: Haha, you’ll get your chance and I hope it’s soon 😀

    @ Vishesh: 😀

    @ Amit: I know 🙂 We did, but they were too tiny and shaky. I’m waiting for the DVD version of the concert.

  2. guapachica says

    sooper J 🙁 wish i could’ve attended this one 🙁

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