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In Photos: Majuli Island, Assam.

Possibly the most beautiful place I’ve travelled to in India, Majuli is the largest river island in the Brahmaputra River, and in the world.  Accessible via Jorhat in Assam by a public ferry, it has an almost surreal, magical old world charm; we intended to stay here two days, but ended up staying six, and can’t wait to go back. Why? See for yourself. *** 1. CYCLING ON MAJULI ISLAND along rolling meadows, often interspersed with rice paddies and glimpses of the river. === 2. FINDING VILLAGES IN ASSAM that once lived remotely across a tributary of the Brahmaputra River. Now that the river bed has completely dried up, they have access to the relatively more developed mainland of Majuli Island. They still run on solar power though, with mainstream electricity only a distant promise by the government. === 3. BIRDWATCHING BY THE BRAHMAPUTRA RIVER where flocks of birds live by the river, sunbathe on the green pastures, and chill with the grazing cows and goats. === 4. GETTING LOST IN THE WILDERNESS  of Majuli, …