Responsible Travel

A conscious choice to support local communities and minimize my environmental impact, not just because it’s the need of the hour, but also because it’s a more immersive way to travel.

See my Work with me page to learn more about my collaborations with sustainable travel companies and accommodations.


Simple Ways to Travel More Responsibly in Ladakh

As travellers, it is upon us to preserve this surreal place on earth. […Read more]


Japan: Little Acts of Kindness in a Big World

What Solo Travel Has Taught Me About the World – and Myself

“I Love Spiti”: How Travellers Must Help Save India’s Surreal Himalayan Desert


Living With a Mayan Family in Guatemala

For centuries, they had chosen to live by the lake of deeply forested Peten, preserving the tropical rainforests and relying on it for food, herbs and medicines. […Read more]

What the Village Folk of Kumaon Taught Me About Life

In the lower Himalayas of Uttarakhand, I hiked many kilometers through dreamy villages, terraced valleys, deodar forests, secret rhododendron trails, and swaying yellow mustard fields – a journey that gave me a peek into the soul of rural Kumaon, and through it, my own. […Read more]

Bittersweet Feelings in South Africa’s Mamelodi Township

Townships in South Africa are settlements where non-white people were forcibly segregated to during the Apartheid era, and while they come with some pretty scary labels, many of them became hubs of music, art and standup poetry. […Read more]

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Coffee and Conversations in Coorg

The Silk Men & Women of India

From Punjab With Love

The Secret Lives of Costa Rica’s Chocolate Farmers


Awe-Inspiring Hideouts in Uttarakhand to Tune Out of Life and Tune Into The Mountains 

Environmentally-conscious places where I’ve let my mind wander in the backdrop of the snow-capped mountains, and experienced that dreamy Himalayan bliss. […Read more]

Meeting the Real Nomads: The Bedouins of Wadi Finan in Jordan

The constellations above me are their compass, a half-dry stream their source of water, and nomadism the only way of life they know. […Read more]

Secret Places to Experience the Real Caribbean Spirit

My guide to affordable, environmentally-conscious hideouts in the Caribbean to help you discover its unique culture and way of life: […Read more]


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Call of the Wild: Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Jullay from Leh

Awe-Inspiring (yet affordable) Airbnbs in Central America

In Photos: Life in Hampi, Karnataka

Life on the Farm: Prakriti Farm

A Flavor of Rural Rajasthan

Up in a Tree House at The Hermitage

God’s Own “Island” by the Backwaters of Kerala


How Responsible Tourism Can Challenge Patriarchy in India

As much as I hate to admit it, India is a country with a deep-seated patriarchy, that reveals itself in everyday life almost everywhere you look. But our travel choices can make a difference. […Read more]


The Joy of Slow Travel

Slow travel has changed my travel philosophy; no longer a fleeting crush on a gorgeous place, travelling to me is about a deeper relationship with a place, its people, its food, and the memories it leaves me with. […Read more]

5 Ways I’ve Changed to Travel More Responsibly

I’m just a small fish in a big sea, but isn’t that what it takes to change the ecosystem of the entire water body? […Read more]

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Responsible Travel

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Bamboo Village: Above and Beyond a Responsible Tourism Project


“Finding soul connections with locals in a remote corner of the world is perhaps the most gratifying part of travel.”