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How to Find the Perfect Airbnb and Make the Most of Your Travel Experience.

About this post: How to find a good Airbnb? Is Airbnb safe? Is Airbnb reliable? After several years of using and loving Airbnb on my travels, I’ve penned all my Airbnb advice in this post – including how to find a good Airbnb, Airbnb tips for guests and how to determine if your Airbnb will be safe and reliable. You can also read my Airbnb blogs for Europe, Sri Lanka and Central America with my top Airbnb picks in each region. New to Airbnb? Sign up with my referral and get upto 40$ off your first booking! I often wonder what makes a travel experience truly unforgettable. Take my recent trip to Georgia (the country) for instance. When our plans to travel to the remote Tusheti region got snowed on, we decided to visit a forgotten protected reserve near Georgia’s border with Azerbaijan and the Dagestan province of Russia. I was recovering from a flu, and even on a sunny day, wrapped up in layers and a warm hat. “Cold?” Otto, our potbellied, jolly Georgian …

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Ladakh Travel Tips: How to Discover Ladakh Responsibly.

Attention! Mass tourism is destroying Ladakh. Please consider these Ladakh travel tips to discover Ladakh more responsibly. I vividly remember the dramatic, barren, snow-capped Himalayas of Ladakh. I acclimatized myself to the high altitude at an eco-luxury camp on the shores of the mighty Indus. Hitch-hiked along remote villages in western Ladakh. Introspected at a nunnery. Witnessed a grand traditional welcome for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Hiked through surreal landscapes. Met a tight work deadline on the steps of a monastery (the only place I could find 2G internet!). Rode in rickety buses. And partook in the wisdom of Buddhist monks. So much has happened since – from discovering the secret lives of chocolate farmers in Costa Rica to hitch-hiking through soulful villages in northern Romania – that I almost forgot why traveling in Ladakh broke my heart. Every time I browse Instagram and see a picture of Ladakh, I can suddenly hear the call of the Trans-Himalayas. I feel myself gripped by a desire to revisit this remote mountain desert. But then I remember, …