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Turkey’s Black Sea Coast: A Photo Essay.

Once ominous and difficult to navigate, the Black Sea derived its name before the Greek colonized its shores, and was often more blatantly referred to as Inhospitable Sea. No, it is not black in color. On the contrary, it flows in an entire spectrum of blue, along the coast of northern Turkey, where I fell in love with it at first sight. Such are its shades, such is the intensity of sunsets over it, and such are the skies that protect it.

I’ll let each of these pictures speak their thousand words. Let it be known that photoshop or any sort of photo editing had no role to play in depicting the sheer beauty of the Black Sea (except for the black frame that encloses each photo). Long live my beloved Sony Cybershot!


In Amasra, my first coastal town by the Black Sea, I sit amid the weeds of a slope for hours, watching the clouds play hide & seek with the sun. It finally leads to this, ‘a halo on the sea’ moment.

Black Sea Turkey, Black Sea coast, Turkey photos, Amasra Turkey

The next moment, the clouds rise and the sun shines across a section of the Black Sea in all its splendor.

Amasra Turkey, Turkey photos, black sea coast turkey, black sea region

Ready to tuck itself in, the sun turns a bright red, sketching a colorful painting amid the clouds.

black sea travel, Turkey, Turkey Karadeniz, Black Sea Turkey

The clouds threaten to attack the sun as the sea looks on. Who’s ominous now?

The black sea, black sea coast turkey, Turkey pictures, black sea travel

 In the coastal town of Ordu, the sea and the sky are hopelessly in love with each other.

Ordu Turkey, Black Sea Turkey, Black Sea travel, Turkey pictures

 Summing up life by the Black Sea; a cosy cafe overlooking the azure waters, good food & good company.

Turkey Karadeniz, Turkey photos, Ordu Turkey, Black sea region

 Atop Boztepe Hill, on a day so misty you can’t tell where the sea ends and the sky starts.

Turkey photos, Black sea turkey, black sea region, the black sea

If there was a picture to define life by the coast, maybe this would pass.

Turkish people, Turkey culture, Turkey black sea, Turkey photos

Loyal summer residents of the Black Sea, these elegant seagulls.

Turkey birds, Turkey black sea, Turkey pics, Turkey Karadeniz, Black sea travel

 The first glimpse of Gilderos Bay, near the coastal town of Cide.

Gilderos Bay Turkey, Black Sea turkey, Turkey photos, Cide Turkey

While waiting for a ride by the Gilderos Bay, magic happens.

Turkey black sea, Turkey pics, Gilderos Bay Turkey, Cide Turkey

A long bus ride and a power nap later, this sunset greets me from my window.

Black sea sunset, Turkey black sea coast, Turkey photos, black sea region

Twilight on the Black Sea and my last memory of these waters.

Black sea pictures, black sea photos, Turkey black sea, Turkey Karadeniz


Any favorites?


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  1. waegooktom says

    Ahh gorgeous photos! I went to Turkey a couple of years ago, but went down the west coast and then inland, rather than along the Black Sea – I fully intend to go there next year however when I go overland to Georgia.

    The first photo, your “coastal life” photo and the sunset photo from the bus window are my favourites here. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks Tom! I hear that the northeast, close to the Georgia border is even more gorgeous. Didn’t have enough time (or a visa) to make it all the way, but I hope to go back too 🙂

  2. Lovely pictures! My personal favourite are the one where you cant identify the sky and sea’s ending (got it?), and the last picture!

  3. awesome photographs 🙂 favorites : difficult! too much choice. Loved the title “where the sky and sea are hopelessly in love with each other” I loved the one with a bench and two women , and the one with the solo bird flying. but really all stunning pictures

  4. I love that halo picture. I took something similar in the Isle of Wight. There were ships all around and then the clouds broke apart and there were spotlights all over them.
    Beautiful pictures.

  5. ambikamahajan says

    Amazing pics…I’m so jealous though;)
    Let me know whenever you need a travel companion. Raring to go…

    • Thanks Ambika! You should join one of India Untravelled’s trips, we’re always encouraging solo travellers to come together and find travel partners =)

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