A Slow Travel Guide to Auroville.

There’s more to Auroville than Matrimandir and Auro Beach. Upon visiting Auroville and staying for a month, I discovered some meaningful ways to experience the township and its essence. This is my Auroville guide. Updated 2020. Back in 2011, when I quit my corporate job to follow my dream to travel the world, I didn’t imagine I would one day land up in a place dedicated to the same ideology. Welcome to the Auroville township – and my Auroville guide to experience it meaningfully! A place where people come to live their dreams. I’ve come across countless stories. A market researcher turned organic farmer. A policeman turned village school headmaster. A corporate honcho turned teacher. A teacher turned mechanic. This is a place to ditch the life you’ve lived, and live the life you’ve always wanted, even if for a few days. Here your conviction to follow your passion holds more value than your salary or title. Also read: Try These Cafes and Restaurants in Auroville for Divine Food! Auroville Guide Visiting Auroville on a … Continue reading A Slow Travel Guide to Auroville.