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Offbeat Durban: The Hipster Soul of South Africa.

Looking for things to do in Durban? Pop-up restaurants, a traditional outdoor church, local theatre and more offbeat Durban adventures! If Cape Town is the pretty face of South Africa, Durban is its hipster soul.  The infectious spirit of the locals, the alternative curry culinary experiences and the artistic bent of the city blew me away. I fell in love the moment I saw its long white coastline, caressed by the deep blue Indian Ocean. It’s Zulu name eThekwini encapsulates this perfect confluence of water and earth. Here are some quirky ways to experience offbeat Durban: Delve into the local art scene My friend Andrea Rees (who runs The Heart of a Woman project near Cape Town) stumbled on a tweet about Hayani while we were in Durban. We landed at the local Playhouse Theatre that night, the only outsiders to catch a phenomenal two-man play. It traced the stories of two young boys and how their lives have changed over the last two decades in South Africa. Even though part of it was in the native Xhosa language, the …