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“Never before had I walked out of a door, or out of a city, with such an intense desire to live in the future that was already beginning to unfold. And never before had I felt so grateful for the person who stood by my side.”

In 2011, I decided to take a second chance at life. I quit my 9-to-5 corporate job with a dream of doing something different. Two years later, I gave up my home, sold most of my belongings and decided to travel the world indefinitely. This journey has taken me to 50+ countries across 6 continents, often solo.

My book – The Shooting Star – charts my battles and adventures from the cubicle to the road, and from small-town India to remote corners of the globe. I write candidly about my struggles of transitioning from an average Indian girl to a free soul, who wanted to live on her own terms, explore the world meaningfully and smash stereotypes along the way. I write about my relationships, battles, triumphs and life-changing encounters, and how I tried to conquer my deepest fears.

The Shooting Star: A National Bestseller! 

In a little over a month of release, The Shooting Star sold 10,000+ copies – acquiring the status of a national bestseller in India. It has also been ranked the #1 bestseller in travel writing on Amazon India. 

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Shortlisted for the Prabha Khaitan Woman’s Voice Awards

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“To document her experience in a compelling book, The Shooting Star, published by Penguin, promptly establishes her as a rising star in travel writing. In a style that is riveting, Shivya takes you on a fascinating trip, from villages in Himalaya to the rainforests of Ecuador, hiking across to new destinations.”

~ The Hindu (Oct 2018)

“After being on the road for close to seven years, Nath revisits her adventures in this memoir, taking us to remote and beautiful corners of the globe, revealing the secrets to her successful footloose life.”

~ Live Mint (Oct 2018)

In 2011, travel writer Shivya Nath quit her corporate job to travel the world. Soon after, she gave up her home and has been travelling the world for seven years—five of those without a permanent address. Her first book, The Shooting Star: A Girl, Her Backpack and the World, delves into her incredible journey.

~ Conde Nast Traveller India (Nov 2018)

“A new and fascinating book details in first person the seven year long solo travels of a young girl all over India and across more than 50 countries.”

~ Spice Route, SpiceJet Inflight Magazine (Jan 2019)

“The Shooting Star, is recommended for anyone who is feeling a little lost or overwhelmed at the moment. Of course, it is a good book for vicarious travelling but it is also a book that tends to make you pause and think about the ideas of freedom, home and ‘others’. It makes sure that we readers ask ourselves, what really matters to us and our relationship with our amazingly diverse and stunning planet, as we continue to raid her for her riches.”

~ Women’s Web (Nov 2018)

“This girl’s anecdote-rich account of her travels across the globe as a traveller has gotten many readers inspired.”

~ The Asian Age (Oct 2018)

“It offers rare insights into the world of travel with a depth that cannot be achieved by many. Shivya’s observations, intertwined with snippets of her own escapades and her understanding of the world, it makes for an exceptional read.”

~ Tripoto (Nov 2018)

“At just the age of 23, Shivya Nath quit her corporate job to travel the world. But let me warn you that this is no ordinary travel memoir… It celebrates the human spirit, in all its forms, idiosyncrasies and wonders.”

~ YourStory (Nov 2018)

“Her upcoming book, The Shooting Star, reveals that the blogger wasn’t cut out for a nine-to-five routine job. This craving is not new nor is it exclusive to Shivya. Many of us feel the need to break away from the monotony of day-to-day life and go out exploring the world with a backpack. But how many have the courage to do that? Shivya’s blog and writings have helped many people change their perspective about young girls choosing unconventional professions.”

~ Deccan Chronicle (Sept 2018)

“A poetic essence in her words, and indeed her natural disposition, it is then no wonder that Shivya’s tech savvy traversing has culminated in the publishing of her debut book: The Shooting Star.”

~ Asian Voice (Oct 2018)


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The shooting star book, shivya nath

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“The Shooting Star by Shivya Nath is a travel book of rare insight and depth. [It] is a song of freedom, adventure, and voyages both inner and outer.”

~ Breathedreamgo (Oct 2018)

“The bareness with which she expresses her feelings moved me. I won’t deny, as the book came to an end, I had a lump in my throat and my eyes a bit damp having realized how fuzzy the important things in life are. Fleeting, forgotten yet full of magic!”

~ Simply Sathvik (Sept 2018)

“The Shooting Star compels you to take a closer look at your life and reboot it based on what really matters to you. It compels you to take charge of your life and made conscious decisions, instead of simply following the norm. It compels you to be more courageous and live your life, instead of just existing.”

~ Life Beyond Usual (Sept 2018)

“With her wild tales and her ensnaring writing, her book kept me going and inspired me to chase my dreams that were bottled up inside me. Finding courage in between the pages of her book, I have now resolved to be a little braver than yesterday and chase my dreams (now turned into goals).”

~ The Little Woman (Dec 2018)

“The Shooting Star isn’t the usual kind of travel book with an itinerary or destination plan. It’s a memoir with the most personal of stories, straight from the heart. Not limiting in any way, it takes you far and wide getting you immersed into serene landscapes, difficult terrains, varied people and culture… The Shooting Star is your perfect getaway to a new world, without having to leave that couch you are on.”

~ Me Otherwise (Oct 2018)

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