In 2013, I gave up my home, sold most of my belongings and embraced a nomadic life. I speak about my unique life and travel philosophy at corporate events, travel meetups, conferences and workshops, on topics ranging from what it’s like to travel solo to responsible and vegan travel to making a living from a passion like blogging. My aim is to inspire and entertain with stories from the road, and encourage the audience to think different.

To check my availability for events, talks and panel discussions, please email me at shivyanath@gmail.com.

Past engagements: Travel speaker

  • Keynote Speaker at SoDelhi Confluence. Topic: Blogging – A powerful tool for social change (Delhi; 2017)
  • Panelist at National Geographic Travel Meetup. Theme: Travel trends (Mumbai; 2017)
  • Moderator at Responsible Travel Forum. Topic: The travel media’s role in promoting responsible travel (Mumbai; 2017)
  • Speaker and panelist at Ahimsa Fest. Theme: Vegan travel (Mumbai & Pune; 2017)
  • Instagram workshop: Himal Kala Sutra Festival (Uttarakhand; 2017)
  • Panelist at ICICI Bank ‘Find the Missing You’ corporate event. Theme: Following your passion (Mumbai; 2017)
  • Speaker at Travel Massive. Topic: Travel blogging (Mumbai; 2017)
  • Panelist at Parnassus, KC College Literature Festival. Theme: travel writing (Mumbai; 2017)
  • Speaker at TEDx. Topic: Driving change (New Delhi; 2016)
  • Participant at Young Leaders Forum organized by the British Council
  • Speaker at AIESEC Entrepreneurship Forum at Thappar University, Punjab. Topic: Travel and entrepreneurship
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Keynote speaker at SoDelhi Confluence (2017)