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I love to hear from my readers! If my stories inspire you, you want to hear about something I haven’t written yet, you have a travel recommendation for me or you just want to say hello, please drop me a line. My email pile is forever building up and I’m not always able to reply, but know that I read every email from my readers and appreciate the love and support you send my way!

Most of your questions – how I fund my travels, how to start a travel blog, how to plan a solo trip and such – have been answered on this blog. You can find these posts on my About Me or FAQs page. If you don’t find your answers, tweet me @shivya or comment on my Instagram posts for the fastest reply


I’m eager to work with businesses, governments and non-profits to measure their impact using tools like the Life Cycle Assessment, craft strategies to reduce their footprint, support efficient implementation, and effectively communicate their ethos with their audience. Please see my Consulting and Research page for more details, and get in touch at [email protected].


I’m open to discussing exciting collaboration opportunities from tourism boards, travel companies and experiential accommodations, as well as speaking and consulting engagements. I prefer travelling by myself, planning my own itinerary, using public transport, seeking local experiences and really getting under the skin of a place. Please note that I don’t work, consult or write for free. You can see my Travel Writing and Blogging or Speaking page for more details, and email me to receive my media kit.

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