Consulting and Research

I believe in the potential of tourism as a tool for sustainable development, environmental conservation and meaningful cultural exchange. I’ve spent the past decade developing digital storytelling techniques, writing about environmentally and socially conscious travel experiences (without necessarily using the word ‘sustainable’), and creating market linkages for travel enterprises from Guatemala to Goa.

I work with travel enterprises to measure their impact, adopt environmentally and socially beneficial approaches, and communicate their offerings in a compelling way to travellers.

I’m currently part of WWF Voices and an advisory board member at Positive Impact Travel.

My recent projects include:

  • Voices of Rural India – An initiative aimed at developing digital storytelling skills among rural communities across India. Powered by a curated platform, online storytelling modules and one-on-one mentoring. An alternate livelihood stream created through digital journalism during the pandemic which decimated tourism incomes.
  • I Love Spiti – A collaboration with social enterprise Spiti Ecosphere, aimed to create awareness about the single-use plastic crisis in the Trans-Himalayan region of Spiti. Engagement with local tourism establishments, women’s self-help groups and art-based communication.
  • Reforestation with Alaap – A collaboration with Alaap to create and maintain two native forests in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, using the innovative Miyawaki technique. Community engagement, crowdsourced fundraising and fundraising through a clothing collection.
  • Voices of Munsiari – A collaboration with Himalayan Ark in Uttarakhand to enable India’s first Instagram channel to be run entirely by a rural village community. Creative photography and storytelling workshops and crowdsourcing used smartphones.

In the past, I’ve been involved with SankalpTaru Foundation as a marketing and PR advisor, as an ambassador and India Untravelled as a responsible travel consultant.

Please email me at to discuss your goals and scope of work.