Sustainable Tourism

A conscious choice to support local communities and minimize our environmental impact, not just because it’s the need of the hour, but also because it’s a more immersive way to experience the world.


Based on the past 12 years of travelling the world, I’ve slowly been able to unravel the real life meaning of sustainable travel (and I’m still learning). Sustainability is not just about checking the boxes. It is understanding how our choices translate into positive environmental, social and economic impact on the destinations we visit:

Travel ideas

I actively seek and write about meaningful travel, eco-conscious accommodations, passport privilege, no fly journeys, community-led experiences and low carbon travel – hoping to inspire you to travel differently too.

Climate action

As someone whose passion, work and income is closely intertwined with travel, making the commitment to measure, reduce and compensate my flying emissions hasn?t been easy. Towards the end of 2021, I signed the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism – and pledged to keep track of how much I fly and reduce it as much as possible.