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New Year’s Eve in Chiang Mai: A Thousand Lanterns and Wishes in the Sky!

About this post: On New Year’s eve in Chiang Mai in 2017, I found myself at the Chiang Mai lantern festival, flying paper lanterns on 31st December as the clock announced New Year’s eve! Seeing the Chiang Mai sky lit up with lanterns was a magical experience, and in this post, I’ve penned down tips for Chiang Mai in December and Chiang Mai on New Years. I stood on a parapet watching in awe, surrounded by people as they cheered and counted down to the New Year. Almost everyone had lit their paper lanterns by now, and as the clock ticked to midnight and firecrackers went off in the sky, we released our lanterns with a feeling of joy that’s difficult to put into words. As the lanterns drifted away into the sky, creating the illusion of a thousand twinkling stars, I felt like parts of my past, and all the fears and challenges of 2017, had drifted away too. A surreal feeling. Behold, a glimpse of the magic of celebrating New Year’s Eve in …