Japan Tourist Visa for Indians: Requirements and How To Apply (2024).

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.Applying for a visa sucks. In this post, I simplify the Japan tourist visa for Indians. This includes the Japan visa requirements for Indian citizens, Japan visa fees for Indian passport holders, where to apply for a Japan visa in India, and whether it’s possible to get a Japan visa on arrival for Indians.

Until 2016, scoring a Japan visa on an Indian passport was extremely tedious. You had to show an invitation letter from a sponsor in Japan, and from what I’ve heard, visa applications were lengthy and often rejected.

Is it easy to get Japan tourist visa for Indian citizens now (in 2024)?

Good news! Although Japan still doesn’t offer visas on arrival for Indians, it is now possible for Indian nationals to apply for a Japan tourist visa (short-term visa) without a local sponsor. The Japan visa requirements for Indians have become pretty straightforward, with typically a processing period of 4 working days at VFS Japan – the official visa application centre for the Japan Embassy in India.

My personal experience with scoring a Japan tourist visa from India

I scored a single-entry Japan visa on my Indian passport, which allows me to stay in the country for 30 days. I was given upto 2.5 months from the application date to use it.

Here are the requirements and step-by-step process for a Japan tourist visa for Indians:

Step #1: Find the Japan Visa VFS Centre closest to your passport address

Do Indians need a visa for Japan? Yes. All applications are to be made via VFS Japan.

Although my passport address is that of Dehradun, I’ve managed to score a Schengen Visa from VFS centres in Mumbai and Goa multiple times. I hate going to Delhi, so I confidently tried to file my visa application at VFS Japan in Mumbai too. But no matter how much I pleaded, they just wouldn’t bend their rules.

They gave me two choices: Either produce a concrete address proof for my residence in Mumbai (only an electricity bill or property papers in my name, or in that of my relatives / landlord were acceptable). Or apply in Delhi. I didn’t have a choice but to go to Delhi, where the process was seamless.

See the entire list of VFS Japan Centres in India.

 Step #2 (if #1 doesn’t work): Post your Japan visa application through specific Blue Dart centres

A handful of second-tier cities now have designated Blue Dart centres, from where you can courier your Japan visa application. The processing time is two days longer, and you must send your primary and any additional documents exactly as stated on the VFS website – remember you won’t get your India to Japan visa if you don’t follow the rules!

For the Japan tourist visa from India, check the Japan visa Blue Dart centres and postal guidelines

Step #3: Download the Japan tourist visa application form on the VFS Japan website

Remember that Japan offers various types of visas, and this guide is specifically for visas applied for tourism purpose. The visa application form for Japan is pretty short, but make sure you fill all the sections. Under the guarantor / reference in Japan section, fill the address and contact details of your first accommodation in Japan.

Fill the Japan visa form online, then save, print and sign it. Or download and print the form first, then fill and sign.

Step #4: Japan Visa Photo Requirements

Unlike other embassies, the Japanese embassy and therefore the Japan VFS centre are very specific about the kind of passport photo you need. It must be 2×2 inches – unlike any other passport size photos – and your face should be clearly visible. Luckily the VFS Centres in Mumbai and Delhi have a photo booth and I was able to get mine clicked the required way immediately; it costs more than doing it outside though.

Read about the exact photo specifications for a Japan visa.

Step #5: Clearly write a simple cover letter, including your trip itinerary

The cover letter is an important part of the Japan visa application. You need to include your travel dates for Japan and why you’re going to the country. Highlight your trip itinerary clearly. I also included names of major countries I hold visas to, or have in the past, including the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. Applicants with a strong travel record always stand a higher chance of scoring a Japan visa, especially as an Indian passport holder.

Step #6: Show confirmed flight and hotel bookings

There’s no getting around this; I had to show confirmed hotel reservations at the time of applying for my visa when I hadn’t even started planning my trip! As always, booking.com came to my rescue – I looked for accommodations that offered free cancellation, and better yet, didn’t need a credit card to be booked.

I showed a confirmed return flight ticket. If your dates are open, you could try looking for a flight that offers full refund upon cancellation and book it with a credit card.

Step #7: Get your financial documents in order

As with most other visa applications for Indian passport holders, you need to show your recent 3-month bank statements, last year’s income tax return and any other supporting financial documents. The goal is to show that you can cover your travel expenses while in the country.

My bank balance is usually pretty low, so I make it a point to include my fixed deposit summary, or ask a friend to temporarily lend me money in my account 😉 For an expensive country like Japan, I would aim to show a balance of 1-2 lakhs in my account, plus savings.

Also read: How I’m Funding my Japan Trip – and My Travels Around the World

Summing up the process for getting a Japan tourist visa

  • Find a VFS centre close to your home 
  • Download the application form from the VFS or apply online on the website: Apply here
  • Ensure you have a valid passport (6 months or more to expire)
  • Get two passport size photos as per the specification given above
  • Write a cover letter describing your itinerary
  • Show proof of air tickets and hotel bookings
  • Show proof of sufficient fund 
  • Pay the visa fees based on the type of visa you have applied for
  • Book an appointment for submitting the application
  • Track the application – and voila, if all the documents are valid you should receive the visa within 5-7 working days

Other things to note

Pay the Japan visa fee in Indian Rupees

The Japan tourist visa fees in Indian rupees is only INR 550 (plus service charge by VFS Japan), both for a single and multiple entry visa.

If applying for a multiple-entry Japan visa, include ITRs for 3 years

When trying to apply for a multiple-entry visa, I was told at VFS Japan (it’s not mentioned on their website) that I needed to submit 3 years of income tax returns to be eligible for a multiple-entry visa! This makes sense if you plan to pop by to South Korea nearby.

You don’t need an appointment to apply for a Japan tourist visa for Indians at VFS Japan

You don’t need an appointment to file your Japan visa application at the VFS Japan centre. But note that they don’t allow any electronic devices – camera, laptop, battery packs etc – inside. I could take in my phone, but they told me to keep it off.

It’s best to carry only your documents and phone – both for submission and collection – to avoid any security hassle. Unfortunately there seemed to be nowhere to store your belongings at the VFS Centre.

See the complete document checklist for your Japan visa application.

You can track your application online

You can opt for your passport to be couriered to your address, but I always prefer to collect it in person if I can. Either way, you can track your Japan visa application online. The Japan visa processing time – India is typically 3 working days.

Mine was ready for collection on the 4th working day, including the day of submission at VFS Japan in Delhi. Good luck with yours!

Immigration at Tokyo Airport

Entering Japan with my single-entry tourist visa was a breeze! I was asked no questions by the immigration officer before being stamped in. However, during check-in, my airline did ask for my return flight ticket. It’s a good idea to keep that and your first hotel booking handy.

For more information about the Japan Visa application, please refer to FAQs on the VFS Japan website. If you have specific questions about the Japan visa process for Indians, you can contact VFS Japan or Japan Embassy by phone or email.

FAQs about Japan tourist visa for Indians

Is Japan giving tourist visas now?

Japan has re-opened its borders effective from 11th Oct’22, so yes, we can plan a trip to Japan again!

How much does the Japan visa cost for Indians?

Online resources suggest many different visa fees, but  a single entry or multiple entry tourist visa fees is only Rs 550. See the latest fee on the VFS website here.

How much bank balance is required for a Japan tourist visa?

As mentioned above, I would suggest showing bank balance of anywhere between 1-2 lakhs.

Is visa refusal common for Japan?

I haven’t come across anyone whose visa was rejected. Just make sure you have all your documents and forms in order – the Japanese are quite specific about what they need!

Do Indians need a transit visa for Japan?

If you’re passing through and stay within the airport, you don’t need a transit visa. I’ve transited through Tokyo a couple of times, and enjoyed the uniquely Japan toilet facilities at the airport!

Got any other tips to apply for a Japan tourist visa for Indians?

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