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In Photos: Bhap Village, Rajasthan.

Late last year, I visited Bhap village, near Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Despite being one of India’s most travelled states, Rajasthan harbors secrets that take long to find, and even longer to forget. Bhap village, surrounded by a serene village lake, gorgeous salt pans, massive sand dunes, and friendly people, is one such secret. This photo essay is a collection of fond memories from the days I spent there:


in Bhap village. Bhap itself is a typical Indian village with no proper sewage or drainage system, but after a disheartening walk through its narrow by-lanes, arriving on the pristine shores of this village lake is nothing short of amazing. Across the lake, we could spot several herds of camels trotting along in the desert.

Lake in Rajasthan, Bhap village, Rajasthan village, photos of Indian villages


in a village near Bhap, where Dalit families are still discriminated against and not allowed to visit the village temple. The smiles of these Dalit children give hope that India’s future will be brighter than that.

Rajasthan kids, India village children, Rajasthan villagers, Rajasthan village


at the nearby salt lakes, as they painstakingly dig salt from the waters and port it to a cart.

salt pans, Rajasthan village, Bhap village, salt lake Rajasthan, salt Rajasthan, lakes of Rajasthan


near Bhap village, which is far off Rajasthan’s tourist circuit.

salt pans, Rajasthan village, Bhap village, salt lake Rajasthan, salt Rajasthan, lakes of Rajasthan


called Barsingha Villa, with mud huts luxuriously furbished from within, opening into royal courtyards.

Barsingha villa, life in an Indian village, Rajasthan offbeat, Rajasthan where to stay


of India, where sandy brown is the dominant color. Trees, shrubs and other vegetation has survived in this village due to its proximity to the Indira Gandhi canal, that starts in Punjab and offers irrigation facilities to the northwestern Rajasthan.

Rajasthan village, Rajasthan desert, houses in Rajasthan village, photos of Indian villages


which, unlike the dunes of Jaisalmer, are completely devoid of travellers, camps, camel safaris and such. The moment we sat atop these dunes, the kids came rushing up to play with us, and asked us to take pictures of them rolling the sand.

Rajasthan desert, Rajasthan sand dunes, Thar desert India, Rajasthan village


made with delicious fresh vegetables, and served with local rotis.

Rajasthan food, Rajasthan traditional food, Indian food pics


which is warm, a little salty, and very nutritious. When families in these villages take up other professions, they give away their camels to nomadic herders like this man. He walks in the wilderness for miles every day, feeding the camels and taking care of them, renting more camels from village to village, sleeping wherever someone offers him a bed and food, and finally selling the best camels of his lot at Rajasthan’s many camel fairs. When the going gets tough, fresh camel milk keeps him strong.

Rajasthan camel, Rajasthan village, Bhap village, Rajasthan desert, Thar desert India


of Rajasthan; pure bliss.

Rajasthan desert, Rajasthan sand dunes, Thar desert India, Rajasthan villages


and at nature’s ability to add such brilliant colors to the dull monotones of the desert.

Rajasthan sunset, Bhap rajasthan, sun set in india, desert sunset


you know, just incase the whole travel blogging thing doesn’t work out!

salt pans, Rajasthan village, Bhap village, salt lake Rajasthan, salt Rajasthan, lakes of Rajasthan

What are your first impressions of Bhap village in Rajasthan?

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  1. Brilliant compositions. Interesting place. Did you get a chance to meet any of those Bhap singers?

    • Thanks! No, unfortunately not. I remember hearing about them too, but no one seemed to know where they could be found. It’s a nomadic tribe I believe, so they keep moving from village to village.

  2. Awesome snaps- the village snaps reminded me of the Bishnoi village day trip which I had taken when I had gone for a trip to Jodhpur. We had lunch at a villagers house and it was one of the most delicious meal I’ve had!

    • I’m sure there are similarities between these Rajasthani villages. I can imagine how delicious that meal must’ve been. Craving some good Rajasthani food now!

  3. Rajasthan is not only the land of Royals, but also a beautiful scenic destination of India, spices and culture ads colours to it, I enjoyed the journey to rajasthan with my family, I also recommend you to take a tour of Jaipur and other major cities of Rajasthan

    • I’ve been to the major places with my family before, but really like Rajasthan off the beaten track, where it’s not so touristy 🙂

  4. priya says

    this is a very..emotional post Shivya…you keep getting better at winning our hearts. you simply do not need an alternate profession!

  5. Mustafa says

    Shivya…great work,nice pictures.Congratulation…:-)

  6. What a beautiful post. It has got me not just hungry for that food, but thirsting for such a unique experience too. Lovely, how you have wrapped up a whole holiday in a handful of very expressive pictures . As usual, well done! 🙂

    • Thanks Sakshi, reliving those memories through this blog post really made me want to go back 🙂 Hope you get a chance to visit someday!

  7. What a lovely piece of writing, wrapping a complete village in a photo essay.
    Although my hometown is in Jodhpur but never heard of this village.
    And the last point is humorous ” just incase the whole travel blogging thing doesn’t work out!”.

    • Glad you liked it, Girdhar. You should visit it! The salt lakes, the wilderness, the dunes, it’s all beautiful.

  8. Aniket Poddar says

    shivya ## hey its brilliant work rather i will say awesome one…..hats off to u dear..!! its been my pleasure to follow u at twitter….i wil hv chnce to explore myself abt travel love…!!!

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  10. Lovely pictures Shivya. Though I’m a very recent visitor to your blog and have started following you on twitter only a couple of days back I admire your style of writing and expression. Your blog posts are fun to read and I especially like the way you wrap up the posts so that the reader can read them just in a couple of minutes but still remembers them.
    Whenever you start giving lessons in blogging you know who’ll be your 1st student 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Harjeev, your comment made my day 🙂 Glad to hear that you enjoy reading my blog posts and that I have a potential student!

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  15. Great pictures with information words feeling like I’m watching a TV and they are play a show on Rajasthan. Thanks Shivya nice blog

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  20. nitish rawat says

    yes beautiful place.i have been there.. i think the first one pic is from bhairo mandir which is in market in bhap..

  21. Can you tell me what was your itinerary like while visiting these offbeat places in Rajasthan? I am planning a 8 day trip and was wondering which places to cover. Thanks in advance, Shivya!

  22. amrei says

    first time for me to see your page but I could say with all sincerity, I like your style of writing. The shots, stories…the views , Hmmm….You caught my attention so fast. Well, I am a strong person…and I admire woman who has a strong passion on her craft….I like everything that i read tonight, surely, Ill try to read more the next days as Im not yet done with my readings….Thanks a lot for the wonderful journey, seems like I am travelling too with you…..BRAVO!

  23. SHRENIK Kumar says

    Wow. I was planning to visit Bap village only for some 30 mts to perform some ritual. However your post has completely change my perspective , very interesting captured natural clicks with crisp and catchy narration . great work

  24. Surinder Chaudhary says

    You doing Great, Shivya!!.. Nice photography with perfect timing..

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