Lakshman Sagar: Add it to Your Rajasthan Bucket List!

Why you should be dreaming about Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan.

Over the years, I’ve travelled to and stayed in many amazing places, in many countries across the globe. Even with such high expectations, sometimes a place comes along that completely takes me by surprise. A place that makes me appreciate my life as a travel blogger. A place that I know I won’t forget for a long time. Lakshman Sagar, in the Pali district of Rajasthan, was one such place.

Once a 19th century hunting lodge on the banks of a lake (sagar), it has been transformed by a visionary man into the most gorgeous expression of eco-friendly luxury. I’m going to let these pictures speak their thousand words about Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan:

The “0 KM” Concept at Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan

It implies that everything used to design the rooms has been sourced naturally or locally (from nearby villages). This is the living area of my room, with a chimney in the left corner, and so many colorful and innovative little touches to marvel at.

Lakshman Sagar, Pali Rajasthan, Lakshman Sagar Pali

Lounging by our own private splash pool at Lakshman Sagar

Who needs beach chairs when you can have old fahsioned khatiyas?!

Lakshman Sagar, Pali Rajasthan, Lakshman Sagar Pali

Field breakfast with a Raika family in Rajasthan

They still follow old traditions, like wearing bangles upto their shoulders. Every morning, before heading off into the fields, they make bajra rotis. We were lucky enough to try some, at their settlement amid the corn and wheat fields!

Raika Rajasthan, Raika women Rajasthan, Rajasthan village, Rajasthani food

Spotting antelopes across the lake

This family was calmly walking grazing in the Aravalis across Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan. But when I got up and pointed my camera at them (from across the lake), they started to run. Never knew they have such sharp eyesight!

Lakshman Sagar, Pali Rajasthan, Rajasthan wildlife, antelopes

Inspired to write

with pen and paper again, in such a cosy corner of the Jenana (the women’s getaway in the olden days).

Lakshman Sagar, Lakshman sagar rajasthan, pali rajasthan, Indian traveller

Rajasthani food cooked with organically grown ingredients

in the farms surrounding Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan. This is the traditional Daal-Bhati-Churma, served with Gutta curry. Yum!

Rajasthani food, Rajasthan food, Rajasthan cuisine

Charmed by the haveli turned shops in Raipura Village

This is no showcase for tourists, it’s just how colorful daily life is in Rajasthan!

Rajasthan markets, Rajasthan village, Rajasthan colors

The swimming pool at Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan

is no ordinary pool. It has painstakingly been chiseled from the rock; avoiding the unnecessary pollution or destruction blasting it would have caused.

Lakshman Sagar, Pali Rajasthan, Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan

Hiking in the Aravalis

surrounding Lakshman Sagar, with our guide Dayal, whose silhouette this is.

Aravalis, Rajasthan hills, Pali Rajasthan

Relaxing by the lake (sagar)

on the banks of which Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan is set.

Lakshman Sagar, Pali Rajasthan, Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan

A spoonful of sunset with my tea

on the terrace of the Jenana, watching the sun set above the fields on the left, and the moon rise above the lake on the right.

Rajasthan sunset, Lakshman Sagar, Pali Rajasthan, Lakshman Sagar Pali

Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan: Travel Tips

Lakshman Sagar is a 19th century hunting lodge in Pali, Rajasthan, turned into an eco-luxury resort by the Sewara group. The luxurious mud huts come with three options – a private splash pool (my favorite), a riverside setting (for fishing), and a lotus pond. All food served at the Jenana and Merdana restaurants is locally and organically grown, with a focus on local Rajasthani dishes. The field breakfast at a farmer’s house and the walk in the Aravalis with the guide, Mr Dayal, are must tries! Accommodation prices are on the higher side, but the experience warrants it and far surpasses any luxury hotel in India. 

What are your first impressions of Lakshman Sagar? Does it go on your bucket list?

*Note: I was hosted by Lakshman Sagar on this trip; lucky me!


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  1. WOW! Fabulous place and so happy for you that you were able to experience it. Definitely on my bucket list.

    1. It really was, Baldeep! Hope you get to experience it soon enough 🙂

  2. A ‘Yes Yes’ for me…love Rajasthan for its colorful lifestyle. Such vibrancy, full of energy.
    That indeed was a detailed post. 🙂

    1. It sure is, I love Rajasthan for the same reasons and have discovered so many more on my recent trips! Visit soon 🙂

  3. anusrinath says:

    The place truly is charming! I particularly liked the accomodation!!. So traditional!

  4. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful piece. I would be traveling there soon and your inputs have certainly got me more excited for the trip 🙂

  5. Chirag Vaishnav says:

    Awesomely written. Had read this while planning my trip – just checked out & all I would say is that words are not enough to do justice to this place.

    By the way are the pics of cottage no. 8? The plunge pool looks familiar (I was in same cottage).

  6. Following your blog lately. Your posts are so illustrating that I can actually feel and sense them around me in my imagination. Thanks for inspiring me !!

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