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As a full time travel blogger and digital nomad, I work closely with tourism boards and  relevant lifestyle brands, helping them connect with my engaged community of readers. Every post on my travel blog The Shooting Star and my social media channels, especially Instagram, is crafted from personal experiences, and tries to bring out the essence of travel.

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Why partner with The Shooting Star?

I attempt to travel differently – often solo and beyond tourist spots to find the soul of a place – and bring stories from the road in an honest, experiential, aspirational and relatable way to my readers. My blog and social networks are filled with readers expressing their intention to follow in my footsteps wherever I go, and every week, I receive 30-40 emails and personal messages seeking recommendations and tips.

Recent media coverage & awards

  • Winner – Best Communicator at the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards India (2020)
  • Featured by Conde Nast Traveller among Instagram accounts to follow if you care about the planet (2020)
  • Featured by The Washington Post among travel influencers changing the way we think of the world (2019)
  • Featured by Travel+Leisure India among Indian women to follow on Instagram (2019)
  • Silver winner – “Best writing in a blog” at the TBC Asia Awards (2018)
  • Featured in Vogue India magazine among the best travel Instagram accounts (2018)
  • Featured on Passion Passport among Instagram’s most inspiring environmentalists (2018)
  • Featured on the cover of National Geographic Traveller India magazine (2017)
  • Speaker at TEDx (FMS, New Delhi) on living a nomadic life (2016)
  • Interviewed by Responsible Travel on making conscious travel choices (2016)
  • Featured on Huffington Post for one of India’s best Instagram accounts (2016)
  • Featured as an intrepid traveller on the front page of The Times of India (2015)
  • Voted India’s Best Travel Blogger by Vogue India (2015)
  • Voted among Asia’s top 3 travel blogs by Go Desti (2015)
  • Awarded India’s Best Young Social Media Professional at CMO Asia Awards (2014)
  • Featured on BBC Travel and NDTV (2014)
  • See all my media coverage and awards here.

Statistics: Blog and social networks

  • Monthly views: 60,000+
  • Unique monthly visitors: 30,000+
  • Blog subscribers: 20,000+
  • Instagram followers: 80,000+
  • Facebook fans: 28,000+
  • Twitter followers: 27,000+
  • Audience demographics: India, US, Europe, Southeast Asia | 25-45 year olds

Recent campaigns


“I have worked with Shivya on multiple projects over the past 4 years. She is a thorough professional, a powerful wordsmith and a partner in the true sense. In fact, her open-mindedness, commitment and self-initiative take every project to a higher level.”
~ Sangeeta Sharma, Lufthansa

“Working with Shivya has been smooth and easy – she is a professional travel blogger and influencer and she efficiently sees to getting the job done on her own without any problems. Getting off the beaten track in Copenhagen, Shivya has successfully showed her audience the great adventures and sceneries awaiting visitors that dare to take city exploration to the next level. The result of Shivya’s stay in Copenhagen has been beautiful photos and well written blogs, and her followers have truly engaged with each post in her feed.”
~ Sanne Olsen, Copenhagen Tourism

“At a time when anyone who wants to pursue their passion to travel at someone else’s expenses and call it travel blogging, The Shooting Star is from another planet. If you have an authentic experience and you want to position your business in the sustainable tourism space, she’s the investment you might want to make. Worth every dollar!”
~ Gopinath Parayil, The Blue Yonder

“For the GNTB it was a pleasure to work with Shivya during the #NotJustBeer campaign in August 2015. She took over our Instagram channel for two weeks and shared live updates on her own Twitter, Instagram and Facebook channels about her experiences with the German wine traditions. The reactions on Shivya’s work were overwhelming. She totally got the followers fall in love with Germany’s wine regions via social media. We’re hoping, that there will be another chance to work with Shivya again.”
~ Elif Kablan, German National Tourist Board

“The SATC was very pleased to work with Shivya. She was genuinely interested in our destination, people and culture and showed a real passion getting off the beaten track and getting “under the skin” of Adelaide. All this resulted in some very well composed content and exposure through more websites and networks than we initially anticipated.”
~ Martin Kaesler, South Australian Tourism Commission

“Shivya travelled with me last year to Seychelles. I respect her professionalism and the fact that she is so keen on making the most of each minute she spends in a new destination. She is always looking at off-beat experiences which involve lot of interaction with locals and understanding their beliefs, customs and way of life. This is why her stories are full of meaningful experiences which makes them a pleasure to read because you always learn something different about a place. Her blogs and articles on Seychelles were great and brought out some unknown aspects about the islands.”
~ Aswini Krishna, Seychelles Tourist Office 

“We were amazed by the instant impact that Shivya’s endorsements create. Those who keep track of her footprints, actually follow them. A decision to engage with her is not one you will regret.”
~ Sumant Batra, Te Aroha 

How can you work with The Shooting Star?

Through my blog and writing, I aim to inspire people to follow their own travel dreams, seek new adventures and embrace a sustainable way of life. Here’s how I help connect my readers with the right travel destinations and brands:

Blogging Campaigns

I partner with tourism boards and travel brands to deliver engaging blogging campaigns, showcasing your destination, accommodation or product to my readers in an experiential way – with a focus on local experiences and sustainable travel. I offer real-time updates on my social networks, blog posts featuring my experiences, practical tips, short travel videos and post-trip giveaways.

As a professional blogger, I charge a blogging fee to compensate for my time and effort. I’m available to work with you to build a new campaign or join an existing one.

Please email me at to receive my media kit.

Sustainable and Vegan Travel – Collaboration and Consulting

I collaborate with sustainable and vegan travel initiatives to help create awareness about their offerings among a niche audience of discerning travellers using my blog and social media, as well as help them build a practical digital marketing strategy. I also advise new or existing travel companies and accommodations on practical ways to adopt an approach to travel that is environmentally and socially more responsible – both because it’s the need of the hour, and more travellers expect it.

I’m currently part of WWF Voices and an advisory board member at Positive Impact Travel. I’m also working on passion projects related to sustainability and animals with organisations who’s work I truly believe in.

In the past, I’ve been involved with SankalpTaru Foundation as a marketing and PR advisor, with as a travelling ambassador and with India Untravelled as a responsible travel consultant. I’ve also collaborated with The Blue Yonder, Spiti Ecosphere, Kipepeo, Grassroutes Journeys and Himalayan Ark to deliver successful social media and blogging campaigns.

Please email me at to discuss your travel initiatives.

Travel Instagrammer

With an engaged and growing organic following of 80,000+, I’m passionate about the travel content I share on Instagram. I don’t believe in perfectly curated travel shots, but focus on authentic travel through human stories, debates and discussions around solo, sustainable, vegan and offbeat travel. I work with like-minded brands to help them reach out to my curious audience.

Recent collaborations include:

Speaker at motivational, social media and travel events

As a digital nomad, I speak at events, meetups and workshops on sustainable travel, making a living from a passion like travel blogging, and leveraging social media to propel organizations, brands, professionals and individuals in the online space. My recent speaking gigs include TEDx, National Geographic Travel Meetup, World Travel Writers Conference (Maldives), PEP 2019, Mountain Echoes Literary Festival (Bhutan), KC Literature Festival, Ahimsa Vegan Fest, Responsible Travel Forum India and ICICI ‘follow your passion’ corporate conference. In 2020, I’ll be speaking at the prestigious Economic Times Womens Forum. See more on my Speaking page.

Travel Influencer for Online Campaigns and Contests

I work with brands to run and promote travel-related contests and campaigns that are of interest and value to my readers.

Recent collaborations include:

Brand Ambassador

I work on a long-term basis with select travel brands that fit in with my travel focus: responsible, solo and experiential travel.

Freelance travel writer and social media strategist

I am open to challenging freelance projects, including travel blogging, copywriting for travel-related websites and consulting on a brand’s social media strategy. Some of my past work includes social media strategy and community management for Singapore Tourism on Facebook, curating a travel blog for Travelyaari and copywriting / editing for Globein’s India Craft Guide, Why Think Places, Saffron Dreams, and India Untravelled.

Please email me at to discuss your requirements. My charges vary with the scope, duration and challenges of the project.


  1. Shivang Srivastava says

    what are websites using ? HTML or Ruby?

  2. Connie says

    awesome! thats amazing that you quit and you’re living out your dream! 🙂

  3. Hey Shivya,
    I am really impressed with your passion for love. It really take big courage to quit corporate and fulfill your dreams on the edge of uncertainties. Salute !!!

    I operate a website ( and intend to work with you. Let me know what marketing possibilities you suggest for my business.

  4. Shivya,
    I’m the 16,000th follower of your blog! In way, you have become a female Krishna. 🙂
    Will i get any travel discount on your behalf for this event ? 😛

  5. Hi,
    I have been following you since very long, every journey of yours seems to be like a new chapter for me as well. I’VE this wanderlust soul craving for adventure. Even though I’m a student i want to be a part of this travel world. I would be grateful getting your personal attention and guidance.
    Thank you.

  6. pranay says

    I am personally a big time traveller and have travelled more than 30 countries since last 3 years with my family my wife sweta and my son ayush who is just 14 years has travelled 26 countries .. recently my trip was to iceland and was amazed by beauties.. I hats off to your courage… enjoy travelling..

  7. Swastik Chakraborty says

    Hey Shivya..huge fan of you…
    I’m a student(21), wanna travel & feel the world… I’ve a great passion for Photography….
    Can u suggest me any career option based on travel like u??? plzzz suggest me..

  8. Akhilesh Agrawal says

    Hi shivya, i m interested work with your tour-travel, so can you give me detail how can i start that.


  9. Abhay Verma says

    i Don’t know how i get your blog. But truly i am looking for something like this in my life. i am a 42 year old man working like a machine for making money. i think it is enough now. i just survive from a road accident and now recovering slowly. now i am looking for a solo trip for my self in end of may can you advice me where to travel and how?

  10. Jayita Bhattacharya says

    Hi Shivya,
    Sometimes I feel that what the hell is require so much of degrees to get a job in great giant companies whereas i can just pack my bags and get out of this corporate world and start exploring destinations but it takes hell lot of courage and i thoroughly appreciate your courage that at so young age you achieved, explored and experienced so much! You and me are of same age, wow! I am so inspired and would definitely like to work with you and want to contribute my endeavor in your projects.

    • Hi,
      Normally Indian passport holder’s are not eligible for working holiday visa. The easiest way to move in any country is student visa and other options available as per your current profile.


  11. thekoreanfashionjunkie says

    Hello, I am Lyn from Singapore, I am turning 31 & I have always loved travelling as much as u do, can we be travel friends? 🙂

  12. Albert Regan says

    It takes more than everything you have to do this 🙂 Hats off to keep you always spirited and self motivated. I am sure none of these travels would have a piece of cake just to enjoy. Putting myself in your place a week can imagine of how much of things i could get into and overcoming all of it is just brilliant. Something I like in it the fact that not just live in a luxurious resort and click few pics of the place but living the moment and await for the right one. I would love to read more on how start doing something so loved.

  13. Hi Shivya.!!!
    You are TRULY an inspiration to anyone. I’m running a Travel Academy at Ahmedabad, Guj. INDIA. And I’m sure, upon sharing your this blog, each nd every student from the academy will start dreaming for such a career.
    But I very well know that, it certainly requires huge courage and experience as well as knowledge to do so. It would be my privilege to hear from your side more about making such a career option for my students.
    You are welcome to my Academy any day for my students to meet and interact with their dream person…
    All the best to you for your every future endeavor. Hope to see you some day..
    Ratnadeep Padmanabh
    Snowflakes Academy +91 9328007676

  14. jyotika says

    Hi Shivya, Your travelling is an inspirational endeavour in itself… truly touched… 🙂 Wish you the best in everything you do!

  15. Raja Basu says

    Loved ur blog. I am also so passionate about sharing travel experiences through digital media (be it social media or something else). But as I am a bit lazy type of a person, I am more interested in just sharing photographs rather than writing posts. Anyway, congrats to u for showing the courage to walk a different path. My best wishes will always be with u.

  16. Andrew Tan says

    Hi Shivya, how to contact you via email for further discussion about blogging job? Thanks

  17. I just join your blog due to my hobbies of tourism.And all ready member of YHA -youth hostel association of India and visited 4 countries myself without agent help. Your work experiences & gender inspired me that anybody girl do this for community or Humanity is worthless for others. Really nice work with much confidence because confidence never buy.
    Your inspiration is front of me expect all is well for your future work…Thank a lots…

  18. Anushka says

    Hey Shivya , you are truly amazing and i feel like I’m in a state of bliss when i read your blog..I would love to work with you in the future definitely push young minds to step out of their comfort zones..God bless you shivya——–A young well-wisher.

  19. Khushi says

    Hey shivya! Very nice name there. I also have dreamed of living a life similar to yours. I am just so happy that somebody in the world is getting to do what I just dream of. I wanted to ask you a few questions.I read around that you travel alone. Doesn’t that concern your safety? Especially in India. I have always wanted to travel but I cant because I do not have anyone to accompany me. Anyways, I must say that you are spending your life in a very precious way. Keep it up!

  20. Your profile and blogs are very inspirational to me. Maybe one day, I’d like to do the same by quitting my job and just travel and travel and travel 🙂

  21. Reading this post after 3 years since you published…the sun set photo is mind blowing…. I remember my solo trip in 2012 in hot summer of April, even in the scorching heat, I could not leave without seeing the jaw dropping magnificence of the carvings and the expressions created on stone. India before Islamic invasion was an all inclusive broad minded society where many things were acceptable which is taboo in most of liberal societies of modern world. Khajuraho is much hyped for erotica but even more erotica you can find in Temples of Odisha(Konark or Lingaraj). Khajuraho scores rather in the expression of the figurines….as I type, I remember the “female figure plucking something from her foot”….so real, so living…it is the default scene I can see when I encounter the word Khajuraho

  22. Hi, Shivya 🙂 I have been following your blog for some time now. It’s so beautiful what you are doing and how you are doing it. It’s fun to see a girl having so much fun traveling. I have been blogging for a year now and I love the simplicity with which you run your blog. I want to travel and write about it someday too. Keep this up 🙂 Keep smiling & Keep inspiring… 🙂

    Lots of Love
    Hema 🙂

  23. Dhaval shukla (crazy physics guy) says

    hey girl, It always feels so great when you channeling with nature but my dream is different i wanna expand my self in physics but i always living between nature but how could this possible
    wait i can write blogs because I’m totally weirdo

  24. hi this is roshan here.. l was just curious to read the very first post of yours .. coz i just wanna know how u started.. so can you please provide the link of that post

  25. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I am inspired by you a lot. I hats off to your courage n hard work. Best wishes for your future journies. Keep Inspiring us with your super awesome blogs.

  26. Thank You for sharing such an informative piece of article.I love to travel a lot.Your campaigns are truly inspiring and it can help people to choose different areas which could guide them in this field.Keep up the good work.

  27. Gagandeep Singh says

    hi, just visited your website for the first time. Actually i was looking for some help on Canadian visitor visa on google and there on the top, it was your post on Canadian Visa. Your story and life is really inspiring, i really wish someday i could live a life like you. Best of luck for your coming adventures.

  28. Vaibhav says

    How mystically i found your blog i cant even tell you, my best wishes will always be with you . I keep on checking your blog time to time and it really uplifts my life force. Keep going sky is the limit

  29. archita agarwal says

    hloo mam
    it was really good to see you following your dream of travelling the globe.
    but wanted to ask what made you realize that you wanted to go and travel??
    because i also wanted to pursue my carrer in this field. i am student now
    i want your help mam

  30. Hey Shivya! Would you like to visit Kovalam any time? I would suggest you visit Kovalam and Trivandrum some time to explore the most beautiful places in kerala. Trivandrum is a good opportunity for a traveller to explore places that makes you calm and happy. If you like to travel to Kovalam please contact me i would love to help you to explore the places you would like to see there.

  31. vibha says

    Hello Shivya, i love your writing and passion towards travelling.
    Would you like to collab with Outdoor Ventures for an adventure activity(biggest rappelling in India) in Maharashtra?

  32. Owais Ansari says

    Hello Check Your Mail, We would love to work with you. Thank You.

  33. Silky Patel says

    Hi Shivya,
    Just read your blogs and they are super impressive. I would love to work with you. Let me know how we can partner.
    A brief description about me.. Im a process assistant at JP Morgan Chase that’s my profession. Im a makeup artist as well in the industry, also I do tarot reading and reiki. but I love to travel and wanna see the world as well.
    it would be a pleasure to meet and speak to you.

  34. Arun says

    Miss Shivya, i loves travelling very much. is there any scope to be your assistant during your travelling work ??

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