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Every story on my travel blog The Shooting Star and my social media channels, especially Instagram, is crafted from personal experience, and tries to bring out the essence of travel.

I attempt to travel differently – often solo and beyond tourist spots to find the soul of a place – and bring stories from the road in an honest, experiential, aspirational and relatable way to my readers. My blog and social networks are filled with readers expressing their intention to follow in my footsteps wherever I go, and every week, I receive 30-40 emails and personal messages seeking recommendations and tips.

Statistics: Blog and social networks

  • Monthly views: 60,000+
  • Unique monthly visitors: 30,000+
  • Blog subscribers: 20,000+
  • Instagram followers: 105,000+
  • Facebook fans: 28,000+
  • Twitter followers: 27,000+
  • Audience demographics: India, US, Europe, Southeast Asia | 25-45 years

Recent collaborations


“I have worked with Shivya on multiple projects over the past 4 years. She is a thorough professional, a powerful wordsmith and a partner in the true sense. In fact, her open-mindedness, commitment and self-initiative take every project to a higher level.”
~ Sangeeta Sharma, Lufthansa

“Working with Shivya has been smooth and easy – she is a professional travel blogger and influencer and she efficiently sees to getting the job done on her own without any problems. Getting off the beaten track in Copenhagen, Shivya has successfully showed her audience the great adventures and sceneries awaiting visitors that dare to take city exploration to the next level. The result of Shivya’s stay in Copenhagen has been beautiful photos and well written blogs, and her followers have truly engaged with each post in her feed.”
~ Sanne Olsen, Copenhagen Tourism

“At a time when anyone who wants to pursue their passion to travel at someone else’s expenses and call it travel blogging, The Shooting Star is from another planet. If you have an authentic experience and you want to position your business in the sustainable tourism space, she’s the investment you might want to make. Worth every dollar!”
~ Gopinath Parayil, The Blue Yonder

“For the GNTB it was a pleasure to work with Shivya during the #NotJustBeer campaign in August 2015. She took over our Instagram channel for two weeks and shared live updates on her own Twitter, Instagram and Facebook channels about her experiences with the German wine traditions. The reactions on Shivya’s work were overwhelming. She totally got the followers fall in love with Germany’s wine regions via social media. We’re hoping, that there will be another chance to work with Shivya again.”
~ Elif Kablan, German National Tourist Board

“The SATC was very pleased to work with Shivya. She was genuinely interested in our destination, people and culture and showed a real passion getting off the beaten track and getting “under the skin” of Adelaide. All this resulted in some very well composed content and exposure through more websites and networks than we initially anticipated.”
~ Martin Kaesler, South Australian Tourism Commission

“Shivya travelled with me last year to Seychelles. I respect her professionalism and the fact that she is so keen on making the most of each minute she spends in a new destination. She is always looking at off-beat experiences which involve lot of interaction with locals and understanding their beliefs, customs and way of life. This is why her stories are full of meaningful experiences which makes them a pleasure to read because you always learn something different about a place. Her blogs and articles on Seychelles were great and brought out some unknown aspects about the islands.”
~ Aswini Krishna, Seychelles Tourist Office 

“We were amazed by the instant impact that Shivya’s endorsements create. Those who keep track of her footprints, actually follow them. A decision to engage with her is not one you will regret.”
~ Sumant Batra, Te Aroha 

Blogging Campaigns

I partner with tourism boards and relevant travel / lifestyle brands to deliver engaging blogging campaigns, showcasing your destination, accommodation or product to my readers in an experiential way – with a focus on local experiences and sustainable travel. I offer short stories on my social networks, blog posts featuring my experiences, short travel videos and post-trip giveaways.

As a professional blogger, I charge a blogging fee to compensate for my time and effort. I’m available to work with you to build a new campaign or join an existing one.

Please email me at [email protected] to receive my media kit.

Sustainable Travel Influencer – Instagram

With an engaged organic following of 100k+, I’m passionate about the travel content I share on Instagram. I don’t believe in perfectly curated travel shots, but focus on authentic travel through human stories, debates and discussions around solo, sustainable, vegan and offbeat travel. I work with like-minded brands to help them reach out to my curious audience.

Recent collaborations include:

Brand Ambassador

I work on a long-term basis with select travel brands that fit in with my travel focus: responsible, solo and experiential travel.

Freelance travel writer and storytelling strategist

I am open to challenging freelance projects with brands and initiatives passionate about sustainable tourism, community-owned travel and regenerative travel.