As a travel writer and sustainable tourism consultant, I work closely with travel businesses, tourism boards, non-profits, governments and sustainability-minded brands to help achieve their environmental and social impact goals.

I believe in the potential of tourism as a tool for sustainable development, environmental conservation and meaningful cultural exchange. I’ve spent the past decade developing digital storytelling techniques, writing about environmentally and socially conscious travel experiences (without necessarily using the word ‘sustainable’), and creating market linkages for travel enterprises from Guatemala to Goa.

During the pandemic, I co-founded Voices of Rural India, a not-for-profit initiative that works with rural communities across India to build alternate livelihoods through digital storytelling.

Interest areas

  • Community-owned tourism (CBT)
  • Sustainable tourism solutions in mountain ecosystems
  • Eco-luxury tourism development
  • Regenerative travel

If you’re a tourism or sustainability professional, I’d love to connect with you on Linkedin.

To discuss a project, please reach out to me at [email protected].