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Offbeat Rajasthan: 10 Awe-inspiring Experiences.

Looking for offbeat places in Rajasthan? From tribal ceremonies to ancient hunting lodges, behold some truly incredible experiences. On a mustard farm deep in the interiors of Rajasthan’s Pali district, Pannibai pulls out weeds in the hot afternoon sun. A few meters away, next to a makeshift hut of wood and twigs, her husband and son cook lunch on a small fire. The family has been here almost 6 months. Come March, when the harvest is done, they’ll take their share of the crop and move. To another village, and another makeshift house. It’s the only way of life I know, she tells me. The real nomad, of the Rabari (gypsy) community of Rajasthan. The villages of Rajasthan are home to hundreds of years of fascinating traditions, many of which will get wiped away with the older generations. Visit these truly offbeat places in Rajasthan and partake of these awe-inspiring travel experiences while you still can: Witness a tribal prayer ceremony Nana Village, Pali District On a late winter night, I found myself sitting in the …