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Oi Melbourne, You Take My Breath Away.

The winds of the Pacific come knocking on my door
Singing tales of kangaroos, oceans, adventures and more
Of a city so chic, of symbols of ancient folklore
Of a place where glitzy skyscrapers kiss the hills and the bay
Oi Melbourne you take my breath away.

I hear the buzz of helicopter flights over the scenic city lights
I’m floating in the basket of a balloon at sunrise
Amid Mt Baw Baw’s alpine wilderness, I’m learning to skii right
At The G, I watch nail biting cricket matches replay
Oi Melbourne you take my breath away.

The winds show me pictures of Healesville with koalas in trees
Of a kangaroo with a joey taking a giant leap
Of penguins on Phillip Island at dusk, waddling home to sleep
Of stories from the bush, of creatures tame and stray
Oi Melbourne you take my breath away.

The whiff of fresh coffee beans fills the air
I waltz down the cobbled laneways of CBD in my summer wear
At a quaint cozy cafe in Richmond, I read my book and sip a beer
With newfound mates I exchange tales all day
Oi Melbourne you take my breath away.

The winds transport me to deserted Great Ocean beaches to let my hair down
By the cobalt blue waters along the Great Ocean Road we whizz around
With sand in our shoes and tanned faces, we drive into Lorne’s seaside town
Among the 12 Apostles, I watch the sun’s last rays
Oi Melbourne you take my breath away.

The indigenous Aboriginal music in my mind I hear
The spirit of the city comes alive at the great Fed Square
In the quirky bohemian bars the local bands I cheer
At the Espy in St. Kilda, beautiful live music plays
Oi Melbourne you take my breath away.

Towards the Victorian countryside the winds now blow
The wines of Yarra Valley I can sniff and know
Indulgence is the fresh farm food that Mornington Peninsula grows
In the breweries of handcrafted Aussie beers I sway
Oi Melbourne you take my breath away.

It’s your time to visit Melbourne NOW!, the winds call out
With the images they’ve painted, I have no doubt
I’m getting my maps, I’m chalking my route
Although the Pacific seems so far away
Oi Melbourne you take my breath away.

This post is an entry for the Indiblogger and Tourism Victoria contest to visit Melbourne. Wish me luck!

And there are still 2 days before the contest ends, so if you’re a blogger, give it a shot too!



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  1. Harjot Dhaliwal says

    Thats the spirit ! Reading the poem one could see you are all set for the next quest ! Afterall fortune favours the brave 🙂

    • Thanks Harjot, glad you though it was a brave attempt =) I’m all set for the next quest indeed, what remains to be seen if whether the next quest is set for me!

    • Thanks Priyanka, from everything I’ve read about it, think I’m going to love it too if I make it there!

  2. Hi! Just came by to congratulate you !! I remember having read this post and grudgingly mutter something about the lovely way you’ve combined poetry and imagery – difficult feat. Congrats again!!

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