Month: December 2015


How I’m Funding My Adventures Around the World Through Travel Blogging.

I started 2015 on a private island in Panama, with 150 rupees ($2.5 USD) in my account. That’s the lowest my account balance has ever been since I quit my corporate job over four years ago. It was just one of those weeks when every single payment I was expecting got delayed. I had no idea how I would pay for my meals and transfers – they didn’t accept credit cards and my alternate debit card wasn’t working – but instead of panicking, I immersed myself in the Nat Geo-like setting of my hideout (think sting rays doing backflips, dolphins swimming with their kids, bioluminescent algae lighting up the waters). As luck would have it, by the time I checked out and went to an ATM with my host, one of my payments had *just* come in! PHEW. The life of a travel blogger (or a freelancer)  is just as adventurous financially as it is in other, more envy-evoking, ways. Since I last wrote about how I afford my travels, three things have changed: I no longer run (and hence …


Could Dying Be Beautiful? Fall Colors in New York City.

Before I landed on a cold, rainy night in New York City last September, my mind was filled with images of the crowded flashy streets of Times Square, the Statue of Liberty raising its torch to welcome scores of tourists, and well, Hollywood-inspired conversations. Those pre-conceived notions surprisingly turned out to be true, but away from bustling midtown and “touristy” New York sights, I found a world I loved so much that I came back for seconds – the world of fall colors! On the upper west side of Manhattan, I found my haunt near Riverside park. At first, it was just somewhere to get away, hear birds chirping in the trees, admire old church spires reaching out to the sky. Somewhere to glimpse a fiery red sunset above the Hudson River and wave to the night lights of New Jersey across. Then came fall, almost like a slow death, only more beautiful than any of my notions of dying. When we humans wither towards the end of our time on earth, we become bleak and sad. But not nature. At …