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The Joy of Slow Travel.

I’m sitting on a window sill as I write this, feeling the cool breeze on my face and watching the incessant rains spring new life into the wilderness that surrounds my (temporary) home in Goa. The joy of driving, walking and just being in the monsoons is not mine alone. The village folk are out in their carpet-like rice paddies, tilling the land in their colorful ponchos, humming along cheerful tunes at the late monsoon arrival. It took me a few days of being here to slip into the susagade mode of Goa, feeling content with life, appreciating the little things like hot tea and freshly-baked Goan poi on rainy evenings, happy to gaze out at the wild beauty that surrounds me.

In Photos: Goa in The Monsoons.

A few days ago, I reluctantly bid adieu to Goa, and followed my heart to Kumaon. As I snuggle up in a cosy room in what was once a hippie town near Binsar, I reminisce about my time in the hinterlands of Goa. Whizzing around the lush green landscapes of Aldona, the cool breeze in my hair, a light drizzle splashing off my face, the salty aroma of the sea breeze, Goa made me feel a sense of liberation that I’ve tried to capture in this photo essay. *** 1. WHIZZING AROUND GOA ON MY BIKE  with the wind in my hair, and lush green fields swaying in the backdrop. *** 2. SOAKING IN THE SERENITY OF GOA’s BACKWATERS watching men fish, smoke and socialize. *** 3. CRUISING THROUGH GOA’S RIVERINE BACKWATERS  on a speed boat; definitely Goa’s best kept secret! *** 4. CHILLIN’ LIKE A VILLAIN, MR CROC!  As our speed boat came closer, he gently got up and slipped into the water. I was too mesmerized to capture that moment. *** 5. CHASING …