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6 Practical Tips to Plan Your First Solo Trip.

Planning your first solo trip can be a daunting task, exciting as it is. From the best places to travel solo, to where to stay when you are travelling alone, what to pack, and how to prepare, here are practical tips based on my own solo travels. So you’ve decided to stop waiting for company and take the plunge to travel alone. Fantastic! As you make your first foray into the world of solo travel, your mind must be boggling with questions. Where should you go? How should you break it to your family and friends? Should you book everything in advance? What should you pack? Use these ideas to get started: 1. Where to go on your first solo trip? Truth be told, the experience of going solo is more important than the destination itself, on your first solo trip. If you’re not used to travelling alone, you’re already stepping out of your comfort zone – so make sure your destination is one that makes you comfortable. It could be a weekend trip to a …

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6 Alternatives to Travelling Alone.

It is absolutely normal to feel anxious at the thought of travelling alone for the first time. I recently shared tips on how to plan your first solo trip, but if it drives you too far out of your comfort zone, you may be better off considering one of the following alternatives to solo travel, and gradually easing yourself into travelling alone. 1. Travel in a group While a group trip can constrain you to a fixed itinerary and dates, travelling with unknown people is a big leap in preparation for your solo adventures. Opt for a single room on the trip, to get used to sleeping alone and having your own space. If possible, take a free day on the trip to ease into solo sightseeing. Step out of the group to talk to the locals wherever you go, till you attain the confidence to do it alone. The best way to choose a travel company is to speak to the organizers and join a group that would largely consist of amateur solo travellers, not families. …