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My third place

There are so many things I want to write about, but I get enough inspiration to write only when I’m at Starbucks! It’s sort of become my happy place, the third place if you may. I didn’t quite get the concept when Howard Schultz started out, or when I read about it. He wanted Starbucks to be the third place, the one you’d go to between home and work. I mean I got the idea, but I didn’t quite feel the need. Now I do! Home can get boring and monotonous and sleepy! And work, well, mostly people can’t wait to get out of there. So Starbucks it is. For a meeting, for hanging out, for blogging, or simply for overspending on a white chocolate mocha for a few hours of peace. Either way, Starbucks has just the ambiance for that break we all desperately need. And at this rate, I am well on my way to becoming a Starbucks’ ambassador! The shooting Star(bucks).

Changi, Singapore

Changi is probably the single nicest place in Singapore. Also probably the only one without the Singaporean feel you get in the rest of Singapore, which by the way, you start to get really bored of when you’ve been here for three years. In fact, you can start noticing the difference even in areas close to Changi. The greenery makes you forget the ‘financial hub’ that Singapore is with its omnipresent modernistic buildings. On either side of the road are tons and tons of trees, and contrary to the rest of the country, all natural (at least they look natural). And at Changi, despite its own modernity, things just feel a lot more, well, ‘international’, for the lack of a better word. I mean it’s the one place I’d come to escape Singapore, literally too! I like the way it spans over lots of land, and even within Changi, the way things are really spaced out, unlike the claustrophobic layout in the city and within most malls. I guess I’m sort of partial to Changi, …

Starbucks weekly

Don’t worry. This ain’t no promotion newsletter or nothing. Just an agreement-of-sorts among three of us friends. It’s the lack of better things to do, the there’s-always-too-much-work-syndrome and the fact that going to Starbucks too often is going to make us bankrupt (Yeah, when you’re on a student budget, Starbucks is bloody expensive. Hear that Schultz?). So anyway, we’ve decided that every week, we’re going to hang at a new Starbucks in Singapore. I can’t count off my head how many there are, but I guess there should be enough to keep us going for a long long time. I’m writing this post from the Starbucks at Orchard, next to Modestos. After Cathay, City Hall and Siglap, it’s our forth. So far so good.

Dulce de leche

The next time you’re in Starbucks, you have to try Dulce de leche, especially if you are a caramel lover like me. It’s not on the official menu yet, but you’ll see not-very-tempting posters flying around. I think it has its origins in Spanish, and from the little that I know, it should mean ‘Sweet of milk’, literally of course. It’s a break from the regular ice blended stuff, with less ice, and more milk and more caramel. Yummy. With all the shit that’s being thrown at Starbucks, I thought a good word from me should be a welcome change 😉 My dulce de leche is getting warm. Later.