Changi, Singapore

Changi is probably the single nicest place in Singapore. Also probably the only one without the Singaporean feel you get in the rest of Singapore, which by the way, you start to get really bored of when you’ve been here for three years. In fact, you can start noticing the difference even in areas close to Changi. The greenery makes you forget the ‘financial hub’ that Singapore is with its omnipresent modernistic buildings. On either side of the road are tons and tons of trees, and contrary to the rest of the country, all natural (at least they look natural). And at Changi, despite its own modernity, things just feel a lot more, well, ‘international’, for the lack of a better word. I mean it’s the one place I’d come to escape Singapore, literally too! I like the way it spans over lots of land, and even within Changi, the way things are really spaced out, unlike the claustrophobic layout in the city and within most malls. I guess I’m sort of partial to Changi, although it apparently has been called one of the best airports in Asia. Partial because Changi is the closest to home, here in Singapore, being an airport and all 🙂

Anyway, I guess sort of synonymous with Changi is also Singapore Airlines, one of the few companies here that I respect. SQ came and transformed the entire airlines industry; once primarily product-focussed, the industry became completely service-centric and of course, SQ became a dominant player. Today, it is recognized in the list of the most innovative companies, what with the Airbus 380 and its premier brand name. Of course, with its new advertising agency, TBWA, we’ll expect it to go even further down innovation street, still riding though, with the Singapore girl.

Oh of course, I’m posting this from the Starbucks at Changi. Remember Starbucks weekly? This is the fifth!

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