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I’d love to hear your thoughts on my blog – if it inspired you in any way, whether there’s anything specific you’d like to read about, travel recommendations or just a hello! I’m always on the lookout for exciting blogging campaigns and collaboration with relevant travel brands. Please note that I have limited connectivity while I travel, but I try to reply to every email within a week; if you don’t hear back from me, feel free to nudge me again.


Most of your questions – how I fund my travels, how to start a travel blog, how to plan a solo trip and such – have been answered on this blog. You can find easy links on my About Me or FAQs page. If you don’t find your answers, tweet me @shivya for the fastest reply.


I’m open to discussing invitations and collaboration opportunities from tourism boards, travel companies and experiential accommodations. I prefer travelling by myself, planning my own itinerary, using public transport, seeking local experiences and really getting under the skin of a place. Please note that I don’t work, consult or write for free. You can see my Work with me page for more details, or email me to receive my media kit.


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  1. konika says

    Hey Shivya really proud and happy to see a girl travelling alone. I had planned to go on a world hitch-hiking tour after college but my travel mates all are now married and keep postponing. I am really against it so I decided I would travel alone and frankly when I’m travelling alone the experience is way more fun. I was glad to see there are more such independent thinkers and travelers out there. Keep it up. :) Wish I was a little less lazy sometimes. :)


    • Welcome to The Shooting Star, Konika :) Glad to hear that you went travelling by yourself. I think it’s one of the most liberating experiences. Look forward to connecting more with you!


  2. Shivya, I have linked your wishing on a shooting star blog from mine. Since I’ve been watching the Geminid this evening, I wrote a very short blog on it, and in looking around the web saw your post. Hopefully you will get at least a few more hits. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog tonight.


  3. suresh says

    hi shivya, i am planing to travel to dharmasala in himachalpradesh in the month of may i need some travel advise . You have really nice pics on flickr…great job girl! I am following you now.


  4. rabi says

    I was really impressed by your work, travelling and entrepreneurial spirit. Not many people impress me by the way :P
    So whenever Im making a plan to rejuvenate myself I’ll “shoot the star” ;)
    Keep up the amazing work!!


  5. Tempted says

    Look really ideal for a wknd getaway.. where can i book the travelling details if interested..


  6. jitendra kumar says

    great work Shivya I come to your blog and website quite often .Glad i found u.I am an old man of 71 and i wish i could do when i was young what you are doing . tremendous courage . bravo


  7. As soon as I figure out what else is left to be done in life…I’ll be following you with my backpack and two daughters !! :-)
    Happy Blogging !


  8. Great site!. I just started my travel blog and looking for inspirations and found yours. You can see mine at Happy Travels!


  9. Vidya says

    Hi Shivya,

    Just wanted to drop a note to say what a wonderful blog you have. Your writing is positive and refreshing to read. I came across your blog accidentally when I “googled” McLeod Ganj. I was just there last week, and as I read your blog, your company name (India Untraveled) rang a bell. I recognized that name from an article on DNA online magazine called “Samaritan with a Suitcase”. I was also interviewed by Joanna for the same article :) As a girl who’s done a bit of travelling alone I completely relate to your articles on solo travelling (esp dealing with Indian parents..hah!)

    We need more women like you in this world. Great work, and keep it up!



    • And like you, Vidya! Are you still volunteering at ROSE Kanda? Read about that in the article too. I’ve been meaning to visit them to explore a partnership with India Untravelled, but it hasn’t happened yet. Hope to catch up with you sometime. Let me know when you’re in Delhi!


      • Vidya says

        Wish I stumbled across your blog when I was still in India – what just there last Friday. It would have been lovely to meet you, no doubt! I’m back in Hong Kong now – where I’ll be living for two years.

        I’m positive Jeevan (founder of ROSE Kanda) would be happy to partner with you. They desperately need more home-stay volunteers. He’s doing such a wonderful job in trying to help his community.

        I’m hoping to make another trip to India next spring. So maybe we can meet then if you’re also in India. In the meantime, if your travels take you further east to Hong Kong you have a friend / host here :)

        Happy travelling!


  10. Mayur Kale says

    Hii shivya, i am planing to travel to Lahaul & Spiti in the month of Aug (Frm Mumbai). I need some travel advise as per your itinerary. I added u on linkedin. Please Accept. i have gone through ur india untravelled website.
    Mayur Kale


  11. aditya says

    hi shivya,
    read your 10 points guide and i found it very interesting. i am planning a euro trip with my wife for about 15 days and this would be our first foreign trip. our budget is around 2.5 lakhs incl airfare.we both are not really in a mood to book a holiday package from any travel agent but would want to be on our own as we do while on holidays in india.i am really confused about the same. i am having a few queries and i would be grateful to you if you could help me out.
    1. i have heard about renting a car so that one can drive around country. is it a good idea? what about the driving licence thing?
    2. which all places can you suggest to me for visiting?
    3. is jun -july the correct season to be in europe?
    waiting for your support!!


    • Hey Aditya,

      I believe you need an international driving license to rent a car in Europe. I preferred to use public transport – since it’s cheaper, more eco-friendly, really efficient (connects even most of the small towns and villages), and it’s a great way to get to know the locals.

      It really depends on your interests – if you are foodies (even vegetarian), go to Italy without a doubt. If you’re after natural beauty, Spain, France, Netherlands, Austria are great options. If after beer, has to be Germany. I would recommend taking it slow and not trying to squeeze too many countries. Maybe pick 2 – and spend a week in each.

      June-July can get pretty hot in most parts of Europe. When I visited in May, I chose to visit the Alpine countryside of the countries I went to. That way, I ensured I was in cool weather and also got away from the summer crowds. These are some of the places I visited –


  12. Gayathri Dharmavaram says

    Hi Shivya,

    I think it is really wonderful to see fellow women travel, let alone do it alone. I have done a fair bit of travelling by myself and the more I have travelled, the more smitten I have gotten. I am amateur travel photographer and I am that close to leaving everything behind and going pro!

    This may not be the right place, but I was wondering if you would like to partner on a project?

    Thanks for the wonderful blog.



  13. HI Shivya!

    Your work (this blog and various travel publications) is fantastic. And what is more fanstastic is that you could turn your dream into reality.

    I totally agree with your guest post on Blogadd where you write about people asking you to dream and then swallowing them later on.

    I am following you blog now. I blog too at . I would really appreciate if you have a loo

    Lastly, I do not know whether you would remember this but I am Stuti Dhyani (your junior from St. Joseph’s Academy- 2005 bacth, Bergin House). I hope it rings a bell

    Take care and all the best. We are proud of you!




  14. came through to your blog from IB awards, nice to go through a blog of raw and refined ‘passion’. People like you reinforce my belief in such lifestyles…..thanks for the blog and awesome stuff..


  15. Aditya Nair says

    Hi Shivya,
    I work contact IT jobs in America and have to move almost every year to a new place. Which is absolutely awesome as then I get to explore that place in detail. I just started reading your blog and love what you are doing. I myself just finished a 12 hour hike up Half dome at Yosemite National Park and am planning a 5 day Grand Canyon white water rafting trip next year (you need to make reservation a year in advance). If you ever decide to come to America to travel, look me up and maybe I can help you out in some way. Cheers.


  16. Hi Shivya

    I work with Media Relations at Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai.
    Would love to send you our latest release titled Aisle be Damned, a hilarious take on just about everything related to air travel.

    Please drop a mail on my id if you are interested. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Warm Regards,


  17. Polly D says

    Great ,
    Way to go,
    AM just now leaving my Job in the Indian Army , for one and only reason ,, I want to travel.
    And travel to all corners of the world. Find it very exciting to see that some other Indian shares this kind of passion and is ready to go for it..
    Col Polly D


  18. wow! after 5 years of serving in corporate world, finally decided to pursue what i freak and utmost adventurous wid a keen bent towards sports..looking for good frnds and have fun on the road :D


  19. David Arokiaraj. says

    Dear Ms. Shivya,
    thanks for the reference about my taxi service in your article about your Auroville visit. My services are not confined only around Auroville/Pondy area. I enjoy doing tours all over South India also.Best regards..David.


  20. Varun says

    Pretty intriguing !! Your thought process doesn’t resemble your age & perhaps that’s what made you a “shooting Star”. I begin reading your blog at 10:00 PM & you will make me miss my meeting, hell its 5:30 AM and I am not done yet!!! Guess, I need not to bother about my prolonged plans on relinquish corporate slavery anymore, bosses will do the honor by a sling of pink slip at me & it ‘ll be easier that way. Thanks to you (pun intended)!! Hope to cross paths sometime soon and till than keep up the amazing & amusing stuff !!! Cheers!!


  21. Hai!!

    Shivya its good to see you and your travel experiences ! By seeing this all even i feel to quit my corporate job which made my life hectic. with busy schedule and work.


  22. Debasree Das says

    Hi Shivya, glad to see a girl travelling all alone by herself and realizing her dream! I too do travel alone but for business and to weird places ofcoz(Like Africa & CIS). ofcoz , one cant deny the fact that the fun of discovering things all the way along.
    Wishing you all the best for your future travels and continue inspiring ppl like us…..travelling the less travelled path….kudos girl!!


  23. dishita Shroff says

    I am so proud of you! Being a girl you have broken the barriers and done what u loved. i had always wanted to do it too but everybody is not as lucky as you are i guess…
    I hope to travel with you someday or catch up with you to hear your travel stories…
    All the best gal! u make us all womens proud..


  24. Ever questioned your own ambition and desire to travel to places? Is the idea sold to you or you bought it by choice. No doubt, its a very challenging and is an exhibition and assertion of many aspects of ones personality. This very process of nature exploration is leading cause of firing similar ambitions in many similar people. Do we all end up spending up a bulk of carbon and warming up the way to our fantasized destination. We spend least time their, contribute almost nothing and corrupt the very existing nature by drawing attention of so many irresponsible people ready to spend to reach there. Sorry for trying to extricate the attention from passion, but whichever way we are heading we may not call for followers but herd members.


  25. trina says

    Hey Shivya
    U really have to help me plan my solo trip, which I really want to do, with convincing itenery for my hubbie, guess what it never gets over with parents, then the “husband” comes into the PIC!! Pretty damb conformist, for use of a better word. Loved ur posts. Let me know how we can connect, bye getting drunk in an empty pub because I guess all else is out for trips in this long weekend. Stay in the city u like BLR!!


  26. Girish says

    Almost, instant follower of yours… “keep moving, dont remain at one place ” is the final message of god to human beings.. and I envy you, that you can follow it and I am still finding it difficult.. Anyways.. keep up your good clicking and keep moving… I will so pray that our roads cross someday !!

    Enjoy !!


  27. I read you article on top Homestays in India with great interest. Thank you for an extensive coverage and minute detailing. We too run a cottage homestay in Mashobra, Shimla called Pines Fell. We have a website in and a Facebook page.
    We would love to host you if you would be traveling to Shimla in the near future.
    With advance Christmas and New Year greetings.


  28. kuldeep says

    it takes courage to leave a desk job, even though i am into navy but the way you travel is something really encouraging, keep up with the good work.


  29. Pawan Kumar says

    If maybe I leave job and things behind, and start traveling like this, what options do I have for money sources?


  30. hemesh says

    Hi Shivya. Here is someone who has been to 20 odd countries and still counting! Next in june budapest, prague, bratislava, vienna, krakow an others. What yo have suggested, well, I am in perfect unison, for the fact that the argain in cities upon arrival are certainly a big savers. Any suggestions besides Found agoda better albeit for serious bookings. Happy travelling



    Respected maam ,
    Its an honour to meet a fellow travel freak and victim of wanderlust , makes one feel less alien about himself. I am a guy of 23 , a wanderer and traveller , I never took up a job and have been roaming since my graduation in 2013. With God’s grace I am able to find work at places that help me explore and fulfill my passion.
    I work as a tourist guide in cities , trek leader in mountains and even as porters to see the huge himalayas.
    This june 2015 I am organizing the popular roopkund trek by myself. There will be a group of 10. There are some ladies and girls willing to join but they fear and are reluctant to join the trek untill other girls join. I to encourage them discounted the budget to rs 6000 instead if 9000 the actual price required. Still not a healthy response.This makes me sad and with luck I found you. I have a proposal maam , It would be great if you could join me on this trek, that will inspire girls and also write a article on our experience. I do not represent any company , am just a solo wanderer like you, hence though i can’t offer you much but can manage you would require no cost for the trek. You need to reach the base camp thats all. It will be an honour to find your company and will be obliged.
    Pardon my mistakes or daring if I unknowingly crossed my limits by proposing this meagre things. I will be out of reach from march 25th for I will be travelling to places i will find no connection ,hence waiting a reply or response before that. Thanking you



  32. Rahul Jhunjhunwala says

    Hey.. I will be going for my MBA this June. But have a month off in may. I would love to travel someplace alone, where I can chill, relax, meet new people and party and have fun.
    What place do you suggest that I should visit??


  33. You’re a superwoman ! I love your story, it’s not easy to quit the job and travel. But Yay! I’m so inspired .
    I was wanted to know how you a plan a trip ? I mean I’m planning a solo trip to Europe, so how should I start ? Should I go with a travel company ? Or just do like that way.
    Thanks ! I would also like to trip with you, if it’s possible 😁


  34. Patrick says


    Have you thought about using airmiles to lower your cost of travelling? Haven’t been able to read your entire website yet…but if you aren’t. ..It could reduce your costs substianlly.


  35. Sylvia says

    Hi, Shivya, I stumbled upon your blog and have been reading non-stop for the past 3 hours…(Oh my God!). I really love your style, you are very authentic and talk about the good but also the bad. Funny too. I especially liked the last post I read: ’10 things you don’t know about me’. Thanks for being you. I will certainly keep on reading (not tonight though…). Enjoy your travels in this wonderful world.
    (from Sylvia, a fellow travel solo travel nut)


  36. Radhika says

    Hi Shivya. Stummbled upon your blog when researching homestays in Maharashtra. Your travels look very interesting! Can you tell me about the cottage in Pavna? I want to go there with my dog. Thanks.


  37. Hi shivya… Me too stumbled upon ur blog … Accidentally… Too inspiring… ! Always wanted to be one… Nyways… U keep inspiring, traveling nd writing…!
    Would for sure meet sme day…!
    Enjoy ur work.


  38. Hello Shivya, same is my story. i stumbled upon one of your photos on instagram. You have inspired me to start with reviewing places on tripadvisor. i lived in Germany for 2 years and thus have been to quiet a lot of places in Europe and have reviewed the restaurants which i loved there :)


  39. NBala says

    hi shivya
    saw your post on canada visa. I got the answer to the un-employed guys who apply for visa. I am planning for tourist trip to canada and US. I am based at chennai, India. I need your suggestion as to how I can plan my trip.
    Can I book a multi city ticket with visa for both US & Canada. or
    I can book return ticket to US with in betwween shuttle to canada.
    In any case I think visa to both countries is a must?? is it so.


  40. Bikash Pradhan says

    Hello my dear friend I want to know about the tourist visa for us how can I get the tour visa for us please tell me


  41. sathiskumar shanmugam says

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I’m glad to introduce myself to you. I’m Sathiskumar Shanmugam from Chennai, a PR Professional. We are planning to organize a travel bloggers meet in Chennai for one of our clients in hospitality sector.

    We would like to inform you further on this regard. Kindly send us your contact details for the same.

    sathiskumar shanmugam
    Mobile: 99403 81092


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