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Mid-year resolutions

New year resolutions have never been my thing. The maximum they’ve lasted is a month, but it has always been a good month. So I’ve decided to renew this year’s resolutions. It’s June, and I’m calling them mid-year resolutions. There are lots of things I should be resolving, but for now, I’ll just stick to the most important of them – Optimism!

I am not a hard-core pessimist, but my realism is definitely inclined away from optimism. I reached quite a low this semester with respect to my academic / professional life. I started to believe that I’m not destined for great things, that being ordinary is enough. Maybe it is, but I can’t not try. Lately, my entrepreneurial dream has started to surface again, and this time, I won’t let it die. It may take a while for me to get there, but I am prepared to wait and learn things along the way. And so, when I start my job hunt this coming semester, I’m going to know what exactly it is that I’m looking for, and then I’m going to infuse myself with enough enthusiasm to go get it. I know it might not be all easy, but I’ll hang in there. There will be no worst-case. Only optimism.

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