Month: October 2008

Teacher Man

Frank McCourt has given a new dimension to teaching in this non-fictional account. He writes about teaching and learning and teaching to learn and learning to teach. McCourt’s journey is rooted in Ireland, from where he seeks to rise in the minds and hearts of the students in New York’s public schools, through his unconventional, inspiring approach to teaching. As he explores his own identity, he accepts that teachers don’t have all the answers, and that is only human. His creative writing class reads and sings cooking recipes, his English class discusses Little Bo Peep! Even when we don’t relate to the Irish life or the NY adolescents, we end up becoming a part of the Teacher Man phenomenon. The racy, decryptable writing makes you belong in McCourt’s classes. His humble, inquisitive approach to teaching makes you want to learn, as though it comes from choice and not force. Great teaching, great writing and very inspirational. If you’re a student, it will give you a new perspective on learning. If you’re a teacher, you’ll want …

happy diwali

To ye and to all, a Happy Diwali! Celebrations galore. Let there be lights and diyas, firecrackers and sparklers, and delightful, irresistible food. May the good in all of us taste victory over evil temptations, an end to an exile of hardship, pain and oblivion. It’s that time of the year again. The time when families come together and pray to the Goddess Lakshmi and the Lord Ganesha, for good luck and wealth, to our creator Vishnu, for happiness, and to Indra, for satisfaction. The time when homes, shops and streets glow with lights, hoping that the gods will find their way to our humble abodes. The time when evenings roar with crackers and the sky crackles with mini rockets, and kids jump around dancing sparks from anars and chakris. The time when all our world unites in a bright, loud, happy celebration. May this festival of lights enlighten our lives!


There comes a time in our lives when we convince ourselves that relationships are overrated. It’s a lie, mostly. A lie that brings with it self-imposed solitude. A lie that erects impenetrable walls and severs all human outlets of communication. Then, in an unassuming moment, the lie reveals itself. Thoughts start to become incoherent. We are left confused and questioning, prisoners of our own beliefs.  “…We are such stuff As dreams are made on; and our little life Is rounded with a sleep.”   –– Shakespeare. The Tempest.

Prithee, answer me

Are fate and faith two sides of the same coin? Do beliefs contribute to the probability of an event? Is there such a thing as destiny? I don’t know. I am a novice on this walk of life. I’m only starting to explore the range of possibilities, the depth of ideas, and the infinity of the world. I don’t know if all people are plagued by existential dilemmas at some stage of life, if it’s in every human mind to question our purpose on this planet. I know that my identity crisis has lasted longer that I could have imagined. By now, by twenty, I had hoped to have it all figured out.  You contribute to the variety of people who frequent this blog, with your unique set of experiences, perspectives and demographics. You talk philosophy, humor, life, love, fiction, poetry. I turn to you, o fellow blogger, because my personal interactions haven’t yielded me answers. Do you say you’ve figured this life out? Have you solved the great mystery, or have you surrendered to …

Desaru, A Getaway in Malaysia

I’m still in holiday mood. The last 3 days were nothing short of bliss. No work, no stress, no deadlines. 72 hours of pure randomness, some spookiness, loads of gossip, and drunken tequila talk. A bunch of us packed our bags and headed to Malaysia, with no plans and no maps. The idea was to go on a trekking trail which starts at Gunung Lambak near Johor Bahru, but by the time we made it to JB, the evening sun was already sinking, and a jungle trek didn’t seem very appropriate. The trip was exactly that, random. We got onto a bus and a couple of broken cabs, and made our way to Desaru. Desaru is a beach resort, with clear blue sea, whitish sand, jungle trails, white colored scurrying crabs, komodo dragons and fireflies. Luckily, our trip was a weekday trip, which meant Desaru showed scant signs of civilization, and we pretty much had the entire place to our happy selves. The night was full of stars (a rare sight in Singapore), a shiny moon, and what we identified as …

Advertising archives from India

Indian advertisements have a nostalgic, patriotic charm about them. Here’s my collection of some timeless Indian TV commercials: The Airtel ‘Express Yourself’ Campaign, always a classic. A brilliantly funny, witty, creative Camlin ad. A really, really old one from Cadbury, something special 🙂 …..Can’t say anything about the next one… A recent ultra-creative ultra-funny one by Happydent. Another Airtel classic. Of course, the list will be incomplete without this HA-HA funny one by Orbit White 😀 What’s in your Indian-TV-commercials’ memorabilia?