Month: May 2014

The shooting star, Shivya Nath

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me.

I often look back upon my life, wondering at what point I went from being a regular, 20-something Indian girl trying to figure life out, to someone who (sometimes) gets paid to travel the world! Well, I’m still the regular, 20-something Indian girl, and I haven’t quite figured life out. Someday, this blog will remind me of all the things I was in my twenties, and if you’ve been following my travels, I’m pretty sure this little list is going to surprise you.

Rumtek monastery, Sikkim monasteries

Gangtok Travel Guide: Eat, Pray, Love in Sikkim.

Beyond popular things to do in Gangtok, discover local food, meaningful experiences and unique places to stay in my Gangtok travel guide. Some connections are just meant to be. Like Gangtok and me. At first glance, the city feels like any other hill station. But delve deeper and you get a wistful peek into an India that could have been. Flanked by the majestic Himalayas, the first thing that strikes you is the city’s cleanliness. No litter, no noise and no pollution – rules that locals strictly abide by. Traditional monasteries stand in perfect harmony with the city’s evolving cafe culture. And the laid-back vibe of the locals slowly rubs off on you. The plan was to transit through Gangtok on our way to North Sikkim. But plans have a way of changing themselves, and I ended up staying for a week (Read: Looking Back: My Worst Travel Memories). Unexpectedly enough, Gangtok helped me heal, both physically and mentally. If you plan to visit, stay a while, take my Gangtok travel guide, and let the city work its charm on you too: GANGTOK TRAVEL GUIDE: …