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Back in 2011, when I took my first trip to Europe, I wasn’t a travel blogger. I was just a girl with a dream to see the world. I was bound to a cubicle, with a 9 to 5 schedule that I couldn’t wait to break out of. And then it happened. I took part in a travel contest on Facebook, and unexpectedly won two return flights to Paris! I decided to make a full-blown Euro Trip out of it, started blogging about travel, and the rest as they say, is history (Read: The Story of How I Quit My Job to Travel).

Lufthansa’s Network Challenge

Lufthansa Airlines, best known for its nonstop flights to Europe, is challenging your travel know-how with a travel quiz on Facebook. You travel across the world, through the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe, in fascinating questions interspersed with “double or quits” challenges (quits is for losers, right?). The coolest part is that you can get your Facebook friends involved with a virtual lifeline, KBC style!

You stand to win a return flight to Europe as the grand prize! There are also iPads and travel merchandize (bags, bottles and such) to be won. And all participants who finish the game get a discount code of up to INR 3200 on Lufthansa flights. The contest ends on 10th December, 2013.

Enter the contest here.

Ibiza sunset, Ibiza Spain, Ibiza photos
A sunset to remember, in Ibiza, Spain.

My Strategy

I’ve spent my weekend playing the Network Challenge (beware; it’s addictive!), and if you suck at geography as much as I do, I’m going to be your Secret Santa and share my strategies with you!

1) Google. If your Internet connection is fast enough, there’s no answer that Google can’t give you within a minute. I’ve been Googling furiously, and when there are “Guess the Picture” questions, I type one of the answers on Google and it displays thumbnails of all popular monuments around that place on the search page. Hey, Googling is a skill too!

2) Cleartrip. Some questions in the quiz need you to guess the frequency of Lufthansa flights between two destinations. Even if you’re a geography or travel buff, chances are, it’ll leave you stumped. After losing many boarding passes to such questions, I realized that Google has answers to those too; look for Cleartrip in the search result. It mentions the frequency and is accurate 90% of the time. You’re welcome!

Saxon Switzerland Germany, Saxony Germany, Germany best kept secrets
By the River Elbe in Saxony, Germany.

Europe Calling

Why do I want you go to Europe? After sampling the beers in Germany, hiking in the Alps in France, trying you-know-what in Amsterdam, revelling in the warmth of the Italian people, and discovering lost-in-time villages on the Spanish countryside, I’m absolutely in love with Europe (and I’ve only scratched the surface).

I’m heading back to Germany for a winter trip this December, to indulge in the festivities of the Christmas markets. And while I’ll be taking you with me virtually, I would love for you to experience Europe in person! SO, take Lufthansa’s Network Challenge and who knows how a travel contest might change your life too.

CInque terre Italy, Italian reviera, Italy photos, Italy blogs
Mesmerized by the blues in Cinque Terre, Italy.


The highest I’ve scored in the Network Challenge so far is 19,000 points, getting bumped off in Africa each time!

Challenge me, maybe? Leave me your score in the comments, and I’ll take you on.

French alps, Chamonix France, Chamonix photos
A love affair with the French Alps in Chamonix.


Note: I’ll be travelling to Germany in December on invite from Lufthansa Airlines. Can’t wait!


Connect with Lufthansa India on Facebook and find non stop flights to Europe on their website. Also make a wish on their Nonstop Wishlist, for a “surprise” at the end of the contest! 

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    1. Awesome! Btw, just saw your namesake enter the contest leader board! is that you?!

        1. Haha, that’s okay, you can always try tomorrow, and the day after :p

    1. Good luck Sanket! And remember to tell me your score so I can try to beat it :p

    1. Go go go! My latest score is 1,36,000! Made it to the Americas!

      1. Agreed! And whoa, wow, that’s awesome. My highest was 136, last night. Going to play after midnight today for some cheap thrills :p

  1. Woohoo! Indeed, christmas is here 🙂 Am trying this one 😛 Thanks for sharing Shivya!

  2. Love the way you write !

    Let me see if I can follow your path .

  3. Thanks Shivya, 56000 in first try, made it to the leaderboard. Will play again.

  4. Haute Compass says:

    Well done, enjoy Europe and Germany.

  5. So, who won this contest?

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