As adults, we often train ourselves to think in ways that favor us. Instead of rotating thoughts, ideas and opinions through 360 degrees, we fix them at an angle and refuse to twist them. Gradually, everything starts to enter a region of grey, and we reach a point where it’s hard to seperate good from bad, right from wrong, and black from white. 

I guess my point is that as we make our transitions into adulthood,  it is important to open up to perspectives. We are often ingrained with opinions about people and ideologies, and it can never hurt to switch shoes and re-evaluate them.

I didn’t mean this to be a motivational post, I promise. All I wanted to get across is that the world is full of perspectives, and if only we loosen up, we’ll start to enjoy the 360 degree view.

Here’s a video on perspectives, courtesy a friend.


If you aren’t wowed yet, watch it again. The words, when read forward paint a picture of negativity. The same words, when read in reverse, do just the opposite. It’s a brilliant, applaudable piece!

PS: I am joining the NaPloBoMo (National Blog Posting Month) network on Ning for the month of April. The theme this month is Growing Up, so (hopefully) there’ll be a lot more reflections to read here 🙂

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  2. Our ethics prof showed us the same video yesterday, its nice!

    Check this one out too, its really inspiring:

    Its by one of the candidates for Argentina’s presidential election some time back. He lost, but whatever 😛

  3. That video is absolutely amazing =) I so agree about everything being a matter of perspective. In fact, sometimes I wonder who we really are – because every single person we come across in our life perceives us soo differently!! We’re just a mixup of a hundred different perspectives. Even the perspective we have of our own self keeps changing :S

  4. @ Vishesh: Haha, here’s one for you too then 😀

    @ Nikhil: 🙂

    @ Pranav: Yeah, Sumit passed me the link. I watched it thrice before putting it here! Going to watch the Argentinian one now.

    @ Radhika: Agreed, which means we can never really know even our own selves. It’s confusing and fascinating both!

    @ Shruti: 🙂 Welcome to the shooting star!

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