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The world is a-buzz

When gmail meets twitter, we buzz. Google is shrinking the world into a tiny little capsule, facebook is keeping it intact, and twitter is keeping it on its  feet. Brands have a lot of catching up to do to make their space in this compact new web of people. Pepsi’s abandonment of 23 years of superbowl advertising for the refresh project, a massive social media campaign, is just a baby step for a multi-million brand in the big (not so bad) world. I’m latching onto the social media buzz in the tourism industry soon. Can’t wait to get my hands dirty!

Advertising bites, 2009

Creativity can never be drained out of advertising. I don’t know if sales will increase post these ads, but smiles definitely will. An incredible Incredible India TV commercial by Nirvana films. A wonderfully executed TV commercial by TATA Communications for its foreign markets (hence not featured on Indian TV). A glocalized Intel ad for an Indian audience. An Amul billboard I spotted in Bombay, targeting the 90% reservation proposal for SSC students by the Maharashra government. Never doubt the power of the freedom of speech in a democracy! What are your favorites this year?

Advertising archives from India

Indian advertisements have a nostalgic, patriotic charm about them. Here’s my collection of some timeless Indian TV commercials: The Airtel ‘Express Yourself’ Campaign, always a classic. A brilliantly funny, witty, creative Camlin ad. A really, really old one from Cadbury, something special 🙂 …..Can’t say anything about the next one… A recent ultra-creative ultra-funny one by Happydent. Another Airtel classic. Of course, the list will be incomplete without this HA-HA funny one by Orbit White 😀 What’s in your Indian-TV-commercials’ memorabilia?


So goes the legend. French Connection was starting out as a regular apparel maker. They were making regular clothes for regular people. Not even models. They didn’t have a way to make you pay a bomb to wear that stuff. So they approached an advertising agency, desperate to find a niche. And they found much more. The advertising guys beat their heads about it. Then this little stroke of luck happened. The agency brief was faxed to one of the Creative people. The title read, “French Connection (U.K)” That was it. A look was all it took, and a spark. ‘FUCK’ must have been yelled. FCUK. That’s how the brand was going to sell. The golden formula was found!