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Advertising bites, 2009

Creativity can never be drained out of advertising. I don’t know if sales will increase post these ads, but smiles definitely will.

An incredible Incredible India TV commercial by Nirvana films.

A wonderfully executed TV commercial by TATA Communications for its foreign markets (hence not featured on Indian TV).

A glocalized Intel ad for an Indian audience.

An Amul billboard I spotted in Bombay, targeting the 90% reservation proposal for SSC students by the Maharashra government. Never doubt the power of the freedom of speech in a democracy!

Amul billboard ad

What are your favorites this year?


  1. My favorite is zoo-zoo ad by Vodafone … I have downloaded most of the videos … its truly awesome … just love those ads !!!

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  3. I can’t say I’m one to watch television, therefore I never actually see any adverts (good, bad, I’d say good lol) but I did enjoy those 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

    Jessica Bunny

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  5. Sumit says

    and to think i’ve not even been to half the places shown in that incredible india ad 😛 sad. i say lets make a list of all those places shown?

  6. @ Harsh & Vikas: Yeap, they’re nice. Unfortunately they didnt make it to the Cannes.

    @ Jessica Bunny: Welcome to the Shooting Star! Actually Youtube is a better place to watch ads (good & bad!).

    @ Amit: 🙂

    @ Sumit: Haha, you are really bored, no? Sure, I’m game. Let’s see who can name more places?

  7. Sumit says

    dumbass, i meant make a list to ensure we see atleast those beautiful places in india in this lifetime. sadly, i’ve seen more cities outside india 😛

  8. Oh, like that! I still say we get sharad to do a quiz on that 😛 I know it’s sad; I’ve only done 12 states in India :@

  9. Incredible India ad is like wow!!! Such amazing locales! Wonder when I’ll get to see all those lovely places. Speaking about the number of states, I have done 20 so far 😀

  10. manchitra says

    true roots -why do we do this, was amusing. especially the we say YES and No.

  11. I always like AMul Ads… and watch out for their Billboards, right from my school days …

    The True Roots was good as well.. Nice Post Shivya …!!!

  12. Fawad Zafar says

    great collection 🙂 am smiling too hehehe

    am in advertising, working as creative concept writer. I am a singer too 🙂
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  13. @ Valerine: Glad it did 😀

    @ Ashwin: Thanks! And yeah, the amul ads are always nostalgic 🙂

    @ Fawad Zafar: Will do, glad you’re smiling!

    @ Mohit: They really are 🙂

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