Wish upon a shooting star

Shooting stars make a spectacular sight in the night sky. I saw one last week, when I was out star-gazing with a couple of friends. None of us seemed to be able to trace the history behind shooting stars and wishing upon them, so I thought I owe this post to my blog.

shooting starFor starters, shooting stars are misnomers. These streaks of light are actually broken little pieces of rock and dust, which, when close to the Earth, enter its atmosphere at blinding speeds, and heat up, glow and burn down. Apparently, on any given night, a shooting star should be visible every 10-15 minutes. This holds especially at the time just before dawn, when we face the direction in which the Earth moves. The frequency of shooting stars increases at certain times of the year, when the Earth passes through a region particularly crowded with dust and rocks (Meteor shower).

Legend has it that wishing upon a shooting star makes the wish come true. It is believed to have originated in Europe, when Greek astronomer Ptolemy, around AD 127-151, wrote that the Gods occassionally, out of curiosity, even boredom, peer down at the earth from between the spheres, and stars sometimes slip out of this gap, becoming visible as shooting or falling stars. Since the Gods are already looking at us at such a time, they tend to be more receptive to any wishes we make!

The Greeks, however, fathomed shooting stars to be rising or falling human souls, while Jews and Christians believed them to be fallen angels or demons. Aristophanes, a Greek playwrite, had a more fancy imagination. According to him, shooting stars were “souls of poor people, drunkenly walking home after they had dinner at a rich star.”

Even contemporary culture is abound with superstitions related to shooting stars. In Chile, for instance, when you spot a shooting star, you must pick up a stone in the same moment, while making a wish. (Quick thinking, I must say.) If you’re in the Phillipines, you must tie a knot in your handkerchief instead. (Too bad if you don’t carry one around.)

Personally, I became familiar with the wishing-upon-a-shooting-star-concept because of a Bollywood movie! (No prizes for guessing.) The first time I saw a shooting star was a year ago, at Tioman in Malaysia. It was a fascinating sight, but I can’t remember what I had wished for, so I can’t claim if it came true! It’s too soon to tell the fate of the wish I made upon the shooting star I saw last week, but I shall use it as evidence in accepting or refuting the legend.

Tips for the next time you go star-gazing:

  • Keep a wish handy, always.
  • Remember Murphy’s law. The moment you look away from the sky, a shooting star will appear.
  • The moment you see a shooting star, you will impulsively point at it and scream ‘Shooting star!’ Keep that for later. The wish must come first.

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star?

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  1. Reminds me that I haven’t stared at the sky since a long time!! 🙁

  2. No. Never wished. But I have tried Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars – inspired by Edie Brickell 🙂

    1. Anonymous says:

      thanks. doing a paper on meteorites and could not remember why I always wish upon them.

  3. I missed two shooting stars that night! But the stuff that happened after that made up for it 😛

  4. Interesting info on the shooting star. I have to first wish that I see a Shooting star, so I need a Shooting star for that wish first.

  5. @ shrinath: Haha. Try wishing the next time. Might work better :p

    @ amit: Tonight will be a good time 🙂

    @ amreekandesi: I hope you see one soon. It’s quite a sight!

    @ sumit: haha, sure did. maybe someone wished on it (not me) 😉

    @ dinesh babu: haha. hope you’ll spot one soon 🙂

  6. Very nice post! Shooting stars and wishes.. I’ve seen just one in my life, and I was too young to know that I was supposed to wish for something… 😀

  7. Oh Yeah, I have wished and it has come true! I am now eargely waiting to see next shooting star of my life!

  8. Just last night I saw a shooting star! It was breathtaking! It took me a moment, but I was able to make a wish. I really hope my wish comes true! I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for more shooting stars.

  9. Nope, never wished upon a shooting star 🙁 And worst still never seen 1 🙁 So same predicament as Dinesh Babu 🙂

  10. I have seen falling stars a couple of times, and I really only catch the sight of one durring significant points in my life. They really are amazing, but i cant help but share the story of the last one I saw. A few weeks ago I shared the the sight of a shooting star with a man that I’m falling in love with who was over 200 miles away at the time. Really, what are the odds of two people glancing at the sky at the very same time while carying on a conversation on the phone to see a shooting star. I cant wait to see what comes of this whole romantic experience, and my wish. I wont tell you what it was that I wished for, but if it comes true…I’ll keep you posted. Until then he and I are “falling” a little more every day.

    1. I just had a similar experience this evening with a man I’m falling in love with, we were on the phone looking at the sky and enjoying the fact that even though we are miles apart we were both looking at the same moon, next thing we both see a shooting star that seemed to be heading straight for the moon. Both of us are still in awe. We have had lots of little signs but that was the clearest by far!! It was absolutely breathtaking, so I made an extra special wish!

  11. @Nikhil: Thanks 😀 There’s always a next time, but I think your wish has already come true :p

    @Neilina: Oh wow, that’s awesome 🙂

    @Terri: I hope so too!

    @Jayesh: 🙂 you know what to do when you’re bored the next time. Go stargazing!

    @Monica: Wow, I can imagine it must have been quite an experience! I hope your wish comes true, although you already seem to have the nicer things in life 🙂

    1. you guys, i really wish to see a shooting star. but iv never seen 1. if any of you guys see 1, will you wish for me?

  12. strangly enough yes last night i saw one in the sky 1st december what brought me to this site in the first place

  13. I saw a shooting star last night. It was amazing. This was the first time i seen one, and yes i made i wish and i hope it comes true!

  14. I saw a shooting star several years ago in upstate NY. It was night and it was beautiful. Yesterday, I was driving on I-95 on my way home to Hollywood, FL. I was right before Ft. Lauderdale and saw, what I now believe was a shooting star. It was around 5PM, still daylight, so it was very different. So bright and fast, it scared me, I wasn’t sure what it was. It was hard driving and trying to watch it. I looked like it ended up in the ocean, as it was headed towards the beach. I’ve been trying to information online, but haven’t found anything.

  15. I saw 6 shooting stars in a night before, but well, that was because I intentionally went to the seaside to watch them. I waited for a whole night but it was all worth it. Shooting stars are really beautiful. I didn’t get to wish on any of them though ‘cos my reactions were mostly, “OMG, there’s a shooting star!” ^^ The next time I see one, I hope that I’d be able to wish upon it properly ‘cos certain things are going wrong in my life.

  16. @ Jenny: I’m sure it must’ve been quite a sight!

    @ Tina: I hope so too!

    @ Eileen: At 5 in the evening?! Wow! I hope you wished upon it. Must be a special star 🙂

    @ Kristy: Whoa, 6 stars in one night! Amazing! I hope things in your life are better. If not, wish anyway, and we’ll all pray that it comes true 🙂

  17. i saw 1 it was cool but i try to make a wish i dite 5 pm i gones see it a agin and make 1

  18. i saw a shooting star and wished for pizza and i foung pizza on top of my bed11

  19. ive seen a shooting star 7 yrs back…….i made couple of wishes…..of which e first one came true last year…..but im hoping the others also would come true…..do pray for me ppl

  20. Nice post and comments. I used to do some stargazing as a hobby. There are some nights every year when the earth passes through the orbit of a comet. On such nights, one can see dozens of shooting stars every hour. I’ve spent a night out of the city to see them. Believe me, it was amazing! Haven’t had a chance to do that again since then though. Don’t remember if I wished for stuff though..

  21. May I have your permission to use the photo in a thank you card for friends who attended my daughter’s funeral?

  22. I saw a shooting star yesterday at 3 am . This was the first time that i saw a shooting star. it is an awesome thing

  23. Yes I have it was about no more than one to two hours ago amazing breathe taking I made a wish I hope it comes true

  24. I’m writing a novel and there is a shooting star scene in it. Thank you all for your different viewpoints on shooting stars. I’ve seen a few in my life and wished upon them. It’s been so long though, I’ve forgotten what I wished for. I’m confident I will see one again somenight.

  25. I’ve seen many on Saturday,Feb.6’2010…..on 12:00 p.m……i went star gazing on our school……I’ve never missed one!!!!!xD….i wished.One wish every star I saw…..I’m so lucky I’ve seen many!!!!:D

  26. Hey!

    what do you do if when you a little kid you picked up a shooting star, got cuts all over your hand because of it, smashed it on a brick wall (because you are a little kid) but you were wearing sandals… so then the feet got all cut up too…

    what do you do if you have a real shooting star in your blood?

    what do you do if you are me?

    [email protected]

    help? things are getting weird

  27. umm asking to u say b thhe wish outloud

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  29. Hi,

    Three months ago, i saw one too and i made a wish but it didn’t come true yet.I’ve been waiting desperately for my wish to come true ;(

    Maybe, i wished for something impossible.

  30. A lot of ppl tend to come here after seeing a shooting star on the same or previous day.

    Needless to say, I’m guilty as charged 🙂

  31. I was star gazing tonight and saw three shooting stars. The first two were really quick and normal but the last one was AMAZING! It started off fast then slowed down some before it disappeared. It was the most perfect shooting star I’ve ever seen. I must admit, I made a wish 🙂

  32. InHisImage says:

    I saw one tonight, It was beautiful and the funny thing was I was thinking of the…”Starlight Starbright, First Star I see Tonight , I Wish I May , I Wish I Might , Have The Wish I Wish Tonight” then I saw it and i’m kinda freaked out.

  33. I saw two falling stars yesterday one after another in 1 hour 🙂 . Its really beautiful. I did make my wish before screaming 😀 . Hope it will comes true 🙂

  34. did you make a wish on the star and did it come true

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  36. Loved this blog post.
    I wished upon a shooting star in August while camping and I feel that the wish is still manifesting in my life.
    I don’t remember the details of the wish but it was huge.
    My life as well as the people I was camping with have had our lives turned upside down in all the right ways.
    It’s not without pain but I know in due time it will be perfection.

  37. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  38. I Have Seen One In My Whole Life, At Age 6. I Was Very Young, So All I Really Did Was Stare At It 😀

  39. Mary Kate says:

    I wished on shooting stars to date two guys I likes at the time, two different summers in a row. I ended up dating them both. I made a wish last summer on a guy. I’m waiting for this one because I like him sooooo much. 😀

  40. Just witnessed a shooting star tonight during the eclipse..It was so quick that at point it scared me for a bit, when i realized what it was I got a little emotional..We live in a beautiful mysterious place.<3…did make a wish time will only tell if its granted….

  41. @Ayana- I saw the same star tonight! It was absolutely amazing; I have never seen one before. It was slow and very bright, and shot right past Orion. I made my wish after about a full minute of standing there, jaw dropped in awe, tears in my eyes. I stood outside for a long time after that desperately waiting for another one to show!

  42. Kate Loverude says:

    Dear God, you and wishing star are all real! I want you to make a real wishing starlight starbright and a real magic wishing lobster wishker all real as long! I wish will you are going make school nipmuc students teachers star program Danielle work study police security whole people from Massachusetts Jeff Becky Kelsey Loverude Ms. Curran Grandma Jan Erikson Jeff McCann Aunt Julie Olsen and her family Uncle Ted Aunt Rhonda Brittany Bakken and her husband Uncle Dave Ashely and their family Uncle Mike Cal and their family seniors all be Gone forever til seven days! No turning back! Amen

    Dear God, we are going to keep real wishes safe for tomorrow as long! I wish will you change me into a thirteen-year-old younger kid and make me live inside a Disney Princess Dream House next to hotel in South Carolina with my two new good kind warm hearted sisters named Anya age 13 and Sara age 9 mermaids food drinks money dollars movie tickets cats Winsalow Andre all the time til seven days! No turning back! Amen

  43. omgggggg guys these stars are AWESOME:) i have seen 17 in my life. when u go to egypt thats when u see them all!

  44. James Davine says:

    i saw one tonight but i know this wish will never some true ……….. im only 13 what do i do? (P.S. call me dumb but i want this to come and it is not impossible…)

  45. I just saw one as well. It was really close though and I saw the rock and the flames clearly. Maybe a mile away, but probably less. Very amazing. Made a potentially life changing wish on it. Hopefully it comes true. 🙂

  46. Great info, thanks! I loved your post, and I will think of it the next time I see a shooting star! So many interesting angles, but everyone seems to agree to wish upon one! Here’s to everyone’s wishes coming true!

  47. 2 weeks ago i was wit this boii and we where at the beach side talking about life and we saw 7 shooting stars that same nite and i make an wish and i believ its coming true now me and that boii is getting close

  48. Anonymous says:

    Does your wish still come true if you and your friend see one and you have the same wish and you yell it out

  49. I am going to be really boring here – there is a way to see a lot of shooting stars in a short span of time. As the earth goes through comet dust on its annual revolution around the sun, the frequency of shooting stars go up. And these are well mapped out – so we have the Geminids, the Taurids, etc. So you can even find out when and where to look for many many shooting stars. Just to keep the magic, I will allow you to go search for this info rather than tell you where to find it. No, this doesnt mean I am less entranced by shooting stars and yes, I still wish on them even though I know exactly when and where to find them 🙂

  50. Radim Homa says:

    Hi please can I use your image of falling star to my presenatation ?Thx for answer.

  51. I believe in making a wish when i see a shooting star,and i could say it works. So im still doing it despite what they say. My wishes did come true,twice.

  52. want to be a boy age 17 cute and sexy want my name to be ashley everyone to no ive always been a boy

    1. Did that wish come true?

  53. their is a shooting star tonight make a wish its at its peak

  54. I saw. Two shooting stars with my girl an my first wish was she would be honest to me my second wish was that I would be honest with her an she would still be my girl with all of our bs behind us I was honest she left me iam uncertain of the fate of us but iam glade the wish I Hade for me came true for I.may not want to know the truth she has to hold with in

  55. I love this piece about wishing star so much, for me It was really nice reading about it just like catching that glimpse so lovely to behold, cos my cousin sister once before told me about wishing star, and I have seen it, and likewise cast my wish on it when I saw it couple of weeks back, it was brighter than I have ever seen it before when I was 12-16. Now I will be waighting for that wish I made that night to come through, I strongly belive it will. THANKS SO MUCH.

  56. ihave seen 3 shooting star, on the real isaw one today
    n idk why but ididnt make a wish upon it…
    ig becuz iwish’d up da other 2 but ahh yeah it didnt kome true! r it hasnt idk but maybe i’ll see another one soon than i’ll sure wish upon it… good info by the way!

  57. i saw one today… but i didnt make a wish.(

  58. bestpcgames says:

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  60. It worked. Had a massive and messy falling out with one of the best friends I ever had. Things were done and said that shouldn’t have been. Alot of avoiding eachother and pratically no contact for about a year. Both very proud and stubborn. We ended up apologizing to eachother and were civil at a mutual friends wedding, but the cold war continued for a few more months.

    Anyway, one night I saw a long bright shooting star streaking across the sky. I wished for her to come back into my life. I really missed my friend more than anything. Two days later I get a beautiful and heartfelt message from her. I’m really looking forward to putting the chapter behind us and continuing our friendship for many years.

  61. Brooklynn says:

    Can you wish abon one

  62. sarah litman says:

    i never saw one dose it work

  63. In dec 2010 I went to a secluded area to watch a meteor shower with friends. I saw about 40 shooting stars in the hr or 2 we were out there. I wished on every single one. I wished the same thing on every one.. except the very last one i saw just as we were leaving, I wished something different on that one. & very shortly after that my last wish came true, now keep in mind this was a huge life changing specific wish.. & it did come true.. The other wish that i wished dozens of times on different stars never came true like i wished.. but It looks like there could be a variation of this wish in my near future. maybe it just wasnt meant to happen exactly like i had wished.. BUT I do believe that wishes made on shooting stars absolutely DO come true. 🙂
    Wish on them every chance you get, you have nothing to lose.. but alot to gain.

  64. Me and my son just saw a shooting star tonight, it was awesome! We both made a wish.

  65. I was sitting on my deck last nite and having a phone conversation with a friend when I saw the most amazing falling star. My friend said I sounded like a school girl as I expressed my excitement. Ahhh…the simple things of life.
    (And, yes, I did make a wish that I hope will come true.)

  66. I saw my first shooting star, only tonight !!!! Surprisingly I saw it only after giving up my wish of seeing one all my life.

    I hope you don’t mind, I feel like sharing this here, as I came by your site after right after seeing the star at around 11.55-11.59pm, Nov 6 2012

    The best part was it appeared after I made a wish (or a set of wishes/prayers) that I make looking at the night sky. I seriously didn’t expect to find one tonight, as I said I gave up on seeing one long ago. The funny part was I was gazing at the “Seven Sisters”, which was visible from a patch of clear sky on a very cloudy night and mentally I was (i know this sounds stupid) saying sorry that I never spent much time gazing at them in all these 10years and then I went on saying things that I wished for, as lately (past few years) I have not been that lucky. And The moment I completed my wish-chatter, I saw one and I was screaming to myself: I am so lucky… I am so Lucky… I saw a shooting and slowly I started saying.. Yeah, I am so lucky. May be I will be ever so lucky after this, as I wished for something that I wanted all my life and more and I saw THE SHOOTING STAR that I HAVE wanted to see from the time I heard about it (I was 9 or 10 then)… OH I AM SO LUCKY!!!

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  68. I had seen a shooting star a year ago…n had made a simple 2 wishes of which my 2nd wish came ture but not the first hope it comes true in the future longing for the first wish…ur post is really interesting..n shooting stars do come true when you wish it!!

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  70. J A. Wyndham says:

    Tonight I saw a shooting star or meteorite around 8:00pm hawaii time. We were sitting in backyard with friends and it shot across the sky. Tried to wish but forgot to.

    Judy Wyndham

    1. Paul Felix Schott says:

      From………… Maui Space Surveillance Complex (MSSC)

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  71. Appreciating the commitment you put into your site and detailed information you offer.

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  72. Yes I spotted two shooting stars lastnight july 29 in the sky I was so shocked the first one came through about I say 45 mins later another came I made wishes on both of them quickly so excited that I could catch that moment first time in life!

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  75. Yes I’ve seen one…and I made a wish too. 🙂
    Making a wish doesn’t hurt even if I don’t really believe in such.

    Nice piece. Working on something like this myself.

  76. Yes I have…and I made a wish too 🙂
    Though I don’t really believe in such, it doesn’t hurt to try.

    Nice piece (even after 5yrs+), working on something like this too.

  77. Pam Shekailo says:

    I did see a falling star and I thought carefully and took a moment before making my wish. Did it come true? Yes. I wished my sister could have seen it too because she had never seen one and seeing one holds significance for her. My wish was not actually a wish though… It was a prayer and God heard it and my sister did see it and it did bring her hope!

  78. jasmine scott says:

    Last night I was out side with a friend when out of no where i see a shooting star. 11/08/13 i hope my wish comes true

  79. kailash agri says:

    hahah nice one…. d thing is we get so excitd after seeing them……we dont get the time to make a wish….:P:P

    1. exactly


      ps to site owner: your site introduction is very high praise for my old comment and I thank you for it. A little teensy weensy bit sad only to find my name in the comments though. The old man was me.


  80. kailash agri says:

    can u suggest me a site where i can get more info about shooting stars?????

  81. I saw 96 shooting star in my life. When ever I go nd see sky in night . Often I saw shooting stars. My age 35 . I love stars always . While Iam sleeping suddenly some one wake me and ask to go out and see sky. That time shooting star will come. Plz god help me . I don’t no what to do.

  82. Hello Shivya. I like your blog and your courage. My Indian wife traveled like you around Europe when she was 21. That was in 1982. I also traveled a lot when I was young. Without my travels I would not be who I am now.

    I watch “shooting stars” while I am asleep using radio waves reflected by “shooting stars”. the pictures I get resemble the actual light event very much. The particles hitting our atmosphere are actually not just rock pieces but usually contain mostly iron and nickel.
    But it wold be wrong to look at these things from a scientific viewpoint alone. As usual, there is much more to the story than most of us think. I can see that you are aware of this.

    1. Wow, in 1982? That must be quite something. Where do you two live now? Hope our paths cross someday 🙂

  83. Chris Snow says:

    Actually I did. I got it on video and the wish i made on it was for a nice girl. I talked to her on the phone that same night and we have been married now for over a year. I have proof this worked for me,so keep your hopes up!

  84. Edward Sanyal says:

    Hi, I was just searching the net about this, and I saw this blog, and I like it very much. So, I thought commenting, and I’m in a very critical moment of my life. Nothing too critical though, haha. Just studies, hoping to get good marks. So, I wished on a “star”, three times actually. And, I never saw one before, it’s been just today and two or three days ago the first time, while I was awake all night studying, I saw ’em at dawn. So, I was wondering if this wish of yours ever came true? Because I sure am hoping mine will. Haha. I don’t usually believe in this stuff, though I am religious, but, I guess the moment’s too critical for me to think straight…. 😀

  85. Brook...ie says:

    I became familiar with the concept of making wishes on shooting stars when I was very young. I was about the age of 10 when I made my first wish. My dad was driving my brother and I home after our weekend with him. I remember enjoying the moment in the cab of my dad’s truck. It was peaceful knowing my brother was asleep next to me and my father humming along with the tune on the radio. I had the window seat and the sky was dark sapphire. It was so peaceful starring out that window, the rest of the world felt silent and empty. This bright tiny light tailed across in front of me and I wished. I cannot remember exactly word for word what I wished, but I remember it being about my brother and my father to never leave me. I didn’t realize it then, but the last part was nearly impossible for this earthly life. Three years later my father died in a fatal airplane accident. I have seen many shooting stars since, but have kept my wishes to a simple request. I won’t ever know if it is demons/fallen angles granting wishes or something more of the light until I am on my death bed. Thanks for letting me share. Remember to be careful for what you wish for, this girl still believes in making wishes on shooting stars, never the less! Blessed Be!

  86. sunit singh says:

    I guess I m the person only here who believe in wishing while falling of shooting stars. Its a story started when I was 8years old, I was a small child who always want to hear story from my grandmother and she always told me to that wish anything from star u ll get those thing at any cost someday. Really I wasn’t believe in this shit talking of my grandmother …. But when I was matured nd I noticed I got everything what I had wished . I started strongly beleiving in wishing wen i was in really bad condition one day …. I have seen continuously 3day of fallen star at a very certain height . I don’t know its absign for me only …. I cant express my feeling by wrritting in this story …its really amazing for me nd really I missed my grandmother that day …she was right ….😊 I don’t know about others view …this is my real and genuine story that I have shared….

  87. Keith Thomas says:

    I have never wished upon a shooting star until just now. I looked up and suddenly it was there. It was magical, and mystical. Marvelous and magnificent. I don’t ever recall seeing one. I stood there dumbfounded for a moment and when I realized what it was I immediately made a wish. The timing of it could not have been better as I was terribly depressed at the time. This gave me hope, and I hope my wish comes true. Thank you whoever is responsible for them.

  88. Aja kumar bhatia says:

    I see 7 shooting stars in 10 days after my desperate day i lying on my bed and see stars by opening my room window. I wished 7 times a same thing but all after dat i dn’t have my wish come true. In fact i m little bit drunk in dat nights may be the alcohol have bad effect on my wishes.

  89. I come to know after some time wish are must done.i think that shooting star always come to give our wishes but we should immediate catch it …

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  91. Kezi Lindberg says:

    I love wishing on shooting stars. The first time I wished on a shooting star, I was probably five. I had wished to ride on a school bus, and yes, I did, on a school field trip. That was the start of my belief in shooting stars. Ever since then, every one of my wished has come true in time, in some interpretation. Even the wish i made that I would be a kangaroo. (I was seven, and it was a Halloween costume.) Shooting stars are amazing, and my favorite thing to look for while stargazing, and I believe in them whole-heartedly.

    “Even if the stars all fall, we can still wish on them all.”

  92. Yep I have seen three in ten days. I’m waiting my wishes to fulfill

  93. I have seen 5 shooting stars to date! the latest one I saw was yesterday. My all wishes have come true and can’t wait to share the manifestation of yesterday’s wish with you guys. 🙂
    My wishes so far were:
    1. Good grades in 10th.
    2. Permission for coaching classes that i wanted to attend for Medical practices.
    3. Marriage with my Boyfriend. he is my husband now.
    4. Baby girl. I have a beautiful daughter…
    5. Lets wait until it is done. Actually it is done just the manifestation is left…

    1. @shoppingstyleandus for wish number three, how do you begin your wishes? Do you say: I wish I am getting married to my boyfriend. For the baby girl wish did you start the wish: I wish I am having a healthy baby girl first try. I guess my question is how does one say a wish or start the wish he or she wants to say to manifest into reality and existence. Will these practice sentences suffice?

  94. Khyle Simoun Ochiava says:

    i wish to back the past

  95. Stars have always fascinated me by their glitter. Well, never witnessed a shooting star, though. But your post seems like one shooting star. Beautiful post Shivya. 🙂

  96. Thank you for sharing this Shivya. Sometime before midnight I was watching the night sky, listening to a long version of ‘Any Other Name’ by Thomas Newman. Thinking to myself that ‘”I would like to see her again (in Heaven)”. Some 10 minutes later, maybe 15, then a beautiful bright star fell. Later I came here, and found her name on a post here. Tina.

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