1. One word- Well-done! (ok two words!)

    Great blog and great experiences! Keep the good work coming 🙂
    Love your concept on travelling, very similar to mine- travel for the experience of the place not just to see a place!:-) Congrats on a very interesting blog and good luck with the future!


  2. Great going Shivya, I saw most of your blogs. Every click looks like saying something to you, perfect timing and view in photos showing real beauty of nature. Just one word to all… awesome!
    Keep going we love your work 🙂


  3. Shivya, What a life to live! New to the blog, apart from the random mentions here and there. Will have to take time and read and add more places to my list of 101 places I have to see before I die, on my blog. Cheers to many more stories and adventures.


    • Welcome to The Shooting Star, Nikhil 🙂 Hope to have you travel with me virtually, and maybe bump into you on the road sometime. Off to check out your blog!


  4. I live in Lisbon. Considering that you have travelled into Spain, I expect you to have graced Lisbon as well. Otherwise, you should be visiting, very soon.


  5. That’s wonderful.Something that people never miss in Spain (which also came in a bollywood movie), La Tomatina happens in August every year. Must see!!! You can chalk up next fall for that and also to Lagos (Southern Portugal) which has some of the most amazing beaches I’ve seen in my life.


  6. Georgina says

    Looking at all your pictures, wish i could travel like you ! Europe is extremely beautiful! Please continue your posts on the vegetarian food in all the countries that you visit, so in the future i would know where to look for them.

    Thanks !


  7. tushar says

    Great blog Shivya !! Truly inspiring. Can I suggest that you copyright your images and upload them on Getty Images… I suppose you might be already doing so, but if not… incase your images get picked up you get paid for it … good way to get bucks for your future travel. Bon Voyage !


    • Too much effort for what I might earn in return! Especially now since Getty Images allow anyone to use pictures with credit.


  8. Dear Shivya, you are living the life which I have always dreamt of !! Just loved all your blogs. Cant tell you how much i love to travel new places, meeting local people and having local cuisine!!!! I am happy to see you doing all this….Good Luck for your future travel plans.


  9. Heeral says

    Hey Shivya..
    Couldn’t stop myself from reading your travel journeys..Me and my husband both love exploring new places.Just fell in love with the way u’ve been living your life and travelling places.All the best for all your travel diaries and may u prosper by each passing day…Good Luck ..


  10. chandana says

    I really admire your courage and strength to follow ur dream.I wish I could do that for at least 1 month in year .Carry on with ur gr8 life and travels:)


  11. satnam singh says

    I am indian 25 years old. If i ll get Malayssia tourist visa and thailand, singapore and Philippine tourist visa also. So can i go tthese contries or not pls tell me. Its before i had been travelling Malaysia and Singapore together.


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