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Contest: Win the Adventure of a Lifetime with #AirbnbBucketList

A week ago, I marked ONE YEAR of being on the road without a home. On my adventures across the globe, I’ve stayed with some special people and unearthed experiences that few knew existed. At a vineyard in South Australia, my host turned out to be a Polish refugee who had been sheltered during World War II by an Indian Maharaja. In little-known neighborhoods in Spain, Turkey, Philippines and Romania, I’ve sampled the way the locals live. And most recently, at a sprawling estate in the dense forests of Uttarakhand, I was hosted by a descendant of Burma’s royal family!

Airbnb igloo, #AirbnbBucketList

A glimpse of where you could stay if you win #AirbnbBucketList!

How do I constantly find and afford such experiences? Airbnb, a website that connects local hosts with a home to offer and travellers looking for unique accommodations, is a big part of my answer.

So to celebrate my one year of being location independent, Airbnb has partnered with me to offer THREE OF YOU, the chance to tick off your bucket list and experience the world like a local! If you win, you could be living in an igloo, by a fjord in Norway, by the icebergs of Greenland, inside a beer barrel in Germany, or on a yacht in Southeast Asia. Or even on your own private island!


Three grand prizes worth INR 30,000, INR 20,000 and INR 10,000, to book Airbnb stays anywhere across the world.

That means on your next trip, you can be staying at places like:

Airbnb island, #AirbnbBucketlist

A private island in Fiji!

Jack sparrow house airbnb, #AirbnbBucketlist

A Jack Sparrow-inspired villa in England!

Airbnb yurt, #AirbnbBucketList

A traditional Mongolian yurt!

Airbnb germany, #AirbnbBucketList

A Beer Barrel Bed in Germany!


1) Sign up on Airbnb with this link. Whether you win or not, you get an instant bonus of INR 1,500 for use towards your first Airbnb stay (hell, yeah!). If you are already signed up, move to (2).

2) Browse through Airbnb’s Hand-picked Wish Lists or other awesome stays on Airbnb.

3) Creatively share an Airbnb experience that you want to tick off your bucket list, using #AirbnbBucketList on Twitter. Remember to specify WHERE you want to stay with a link or picture, and WHY.

If you are not on Twitter, write your answer as a comment on The Shooting Star Facebook page.

The most creative answers win, picked by yours truly!

Remember that your entry will be eligible to win only if you are signed up on Airbnb. You are allowed a maximum of 3 entries per person. This contest is open to Indian citizens only. Read the Terms and Conditions.


The contest starts at 3 pm on September 5th, and ends at 11:59 pm on September 10th.

Winners will be announced on September 13th 15th.


Spread the word! Share the contest on your blog and social networks, get your family and friends to enter, tell everyone.

That also inspires me to source more such awesome opportunities for you to travel.


Dream big and win your bucket list stay for your next holiday.

Airbnb UK, #AirbnbBucketList

Fancy staying at this British castle for a holiday?


Join me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to stay posted on contest results!

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