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Western Europe

Travelogues from my trips to Western Europe. There’s still so much more I want to go back for!



Europe, First time to Europe, Travelling in Europe

4 Small Towns in Europe You Probably Haven’t Heard About.

First Time to Europe? 10 Travel Tips to Get You Started.



Gargnano, Italy, offbeat travel

Gargnano; life or something like it in Italy.

A veggie lover’s Europe.

Cinque Terre, life perched atop the Italian Riviera.



Annecy, France, offbeat travel

Chamonix: Of French Alps & summer snow.

Annecy, a beautiful lake town in France.



Saxony, Germany, Saxon Switzerland, offbeat travel

Germany’s best kept travel secret = Switzerland?

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Cheer from Germany!

In Photos: German Christmas Markets



Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck: Capital of the Alps.



Air India Magazine: A Vegetarian’s Love Affair with Europe

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  1. I read a post where you had replied about availability of vegetarian food in European countries. I have traveled thru Poland, Lithuania, Austria and Germany and I never faced a problem with veg. food unless one is really fussy about particular veg. food. Apart from Indian restaurants which are quite expensive I loved eating falafel in Poland and Germany. Cheese and potato dumplings and besides to my surprise in some cities of Poland and Austria i even found Indian grocery stores where you can buy lentils, which helped me cook dal and rice, rajma and rice for my host and myself. One of the traditional lithuanian dish is totally veg. and delicious.

    November 29, 2012
    • I’ve loved the food in most European countries I’ve been to so far, though my idea of good vegetarian food in a place is not having to resort to Indian food. I like to eat local food as much as possible, sometimes customized without meat / seafood. Try Spatzle the next time you’re in Germany; it’s absolutely delicious :)

      November 29, 2012

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