Why Lubeck is Not on Your Germany Radar, But Should Be!

I remember my first evening in Lubeck quite vividly. Exhausted after the long bus, train and flight journeys from Himachal to Delhi, to Frankfurt, to Lübeck, I had expected to hit the bed in my hotel room right away. But as we drove past the magnificent 15th century Holsten Gate, I looked back in awe. I knew almost nothing about the city except that it was the world’s marzipan capital!

Is Lubeck worth visiting?

I spent that first evening, ahead of a 3-day travel conference by Germany Tourism and Visit Lubeck, soaking in the city’s old town vibe, until I stood before a mysterious passageway, wondering if I should follow it. I vaguely remembered reading about the city’s hidden alleyways and courtyards among places to visit in Lubeck, and figured I might have spotted one.

The passageway was more like a narrow, dark, arched tunnel, with a low stone ceiling hanging just above my head. Slowly emerging on the other side, I was surprised to enter a dreamy courtyard filled with flowers – surrounded by colorful tiny homes on all sides!

Sitting on a rustic bench, under the orange sky created by a 9 pm sunset, I felt the sweet, surreal rush of travel after a long time. Here’s why you’ll fall in love with Lübeck too:

The medieval Old Town of Lübeck has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the 1980s

cobblestone streets Lubeck

Because many residents still live in charmingly restored gabled houses and tiny homes

gabled houses lubeck

In flower-filled courtyards right out of a storybook

UNESCO world heritage courtyards lubeck

Accessible only by hidden, narrow, cobblestoned passageways!

German town lubeck

Originally built to house the poor, orphans and widows

Due to lack of space in the city.

Lubeck alleyways

The restoration work has turned them into the city’s most coveted living spaces

Visit quietly, and ask for permission before photographing people. Remember this is someone’s home first.

Lubeck courtyards

Creating brilliant examples of reduced use of land for housing more people

gabled houses lubeck

And building a tight-knit community in the process

Lubeck music

Other 12th-16th century architecture is scattered across the city

The travel conference I attended was held in this 16th century monastery!

St Anne monastery

With gothic churches

gothic churches

Medieval gates

The Holsten Gate is a must see in Lubeck!

Holsten gate

And even a hospital from the Middle Ages

There is no dearth of tourist attractions in Lubeck.

hospital of the holy spirit

Standing next to hipster vegan-friendly cafés

Of which Café Marae – Kaffee & Zauberei was my favorite!

Café Marae - Kaffee & Zauberei

Lubeck maybe most famous for marzipan

Made of ground almond and sugar – with a vegan marzipan chocolate available at the shop at the Niederegger Marzipan Museum.

But is really an ode to Germany’s living culture

medieval buildings

Accessible via an easy train ride from Hamburg

Lubeck sightseeing is possible as a day-trip from Hamburg, but I really recommend staying a few days!

train to lubeck

And still under-the-radar among German towns and cities!

historic buildings

Have you been to Lübeck or is it on your radar? What are your favorite finds in Germany?

*Note: I travelled to Lübeck on assignment for the German National Tourist Board. Opinions on this blog are always mine!

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  1. Lübeck is one of my most loved cities in Germany!Vielen Dank für Ihren eindrücklichen Beigtrag:)

  2. I had heard of Lubeck earlier but I hadn’t considered visiting it. Now it is on my list! Out of the towns in Germany, I really liked visiting Tubingen.

  3. Thank you for spotlighting the charming city of Lübeck! Your photos capture its striking brick Gothic architecture beautifully. You make a compelling case for adding this historic hub to itineraries. The intriguing history as an influential harbor city, UNESCO sites, and lively culture like the marzipan tradition have me intrigued. I appreciate the insider’s perspective on where to stay, eat, and what to see. This article makes me eager to visit Lübeck and experience its magic in person!

  4. Your article on Lübeck, Germany, beautifully showcases why this city deserves more attention. The detailed descriptions of the medieval Old Town, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the secret passageways leading to quaint courtyards make it sound like a hidden gem.

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