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Life of Pi

Just when I thought I was growing out of fiction, Life of Pi crawled its way into my hands. I never thought so far-fetched a story could make for such a realistic read. Yann Martel is a very talented writer. The book is based on an Indian boy from Pondicherry, Pi, short for Piscine Patel, who is migrating to Canada with his family. His father, a zookeeper, has on board their cargo ship a bunch of his zoo animals. When the ship sinks unexpectedly, Pi finds himself on a lifeboat with a hyena, a zebra, an orang utan (called Orange Juice) and a royal Bengal tiger (called Richard Parker, funny story behind the name). The story then follows Pi and his struggle for survival in the middle of the Pacific, amid a mini zoo. Life of Pi is about endurance, solitude, hints of humor and a wild imagination, literally.

A must, must read.

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  1. J.S. Peyton says

    Ugh! I almost bought this the other day from my local used bookstore. I put it back, though, for Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go. I keep meaning to read Life of Pi but the story just never seems to appeal to me. How much story, I wonder, can there be in a boy stranded on a boat with animals? But, almost everyone has universally good things to say about it so there must be a reason. I wonder if it’s still there. Hummm…


  2. shivya says

    I wondered exactly the same, but trust me, pick up the book as a leap of faith, if that’s what it takes 🙂 It’s addictive from the first few pages. Promise you won’t be able to put it down too often.


  3. Rishika Dhanraj says

    I remember reading the book a few years ago and what appealed to me the most, was that it almost has this juvenile touch to it along with the depth and matter of a mature read. Pi surely rekindles the spirit of cavalry in us lesser privileged souls who can only enjoy a well planned, safe, within bounds “adventure”. My favorite character from the book has to be Richard Parker!


  4. shivya says

    Mine was Orange Juice for a little while, and later the Jap guys (kidding). Richard Parker all the way!


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