Throw your kid for good health

Yeah, you heard it right. Throw your baby fifty feet below onto a sheet / mattress so (s)he can have good health. Bizarre, I know. But it’s what they believe, and have been believing for over 50 years now in some remote village in India. The absurdity of it gained enough attention to feature it on BBC world news! Apparently, however, no kid has ever been hurt in this age-old practice. I saw the video too, and it looks as crazy as it sounds. The parents go to some rooftop and chuck the kid down, 50 feet in the air to where a whole bunch of people are standing, holding a white sheet. Of course, there are a bunch of surprised, horrified on-lookers. Obviously something that weird must attract attention. I wonder how the parents are brave enough to do it though. They believe it makes their kid brave. Really? Probably I guess. If a ten year old kid is told he fell fifty feet and survived without a scratch, he’ll most likely think he’s invincible, hence the bravery. But seriously, FIFTY feet and a little baby?

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