Gen Y generations

Forget generations X and Y. They definitely can’t be seasoned by decades, particularly not gen Y. It is evidently split into micro-generations; Gen Y-ers could at best be clustered by 3 or 4 years.

Take the early 80s-born for instance. They loiter around social media, they’re mildly fascinated by facebook, they use skype as a ‘cheap’ means of communication, they google their recipes. But that doesn’t make them one of us. They’re not compulsively RSS-fed. They’re not facebook addicts, nor pro-multi-taskers. Their social lives aren’t dependent on google talk. They don’t get twitter. SMSing is not ingrained in their system. A blog is just another website. Forget functionality; their motivations, aspirations, values, opinions, all belong with gen X or are only incrementally different. Here’s a snapshot of us (not them) in the workplace.


I surfaced in 88, incase you’re speculating. I wonder what the 90s-offsprings would say to my ‘micro-generation’.

Given the pace at which our lives are evolving, we are probably not far from the point when a year will be sufficient to create a radical difference in lifestyles, a generation if you may. Generation clusters are accompanied by a certain sense of belonging, but frustration and miscommunication are by-products.

No one said technology could bridge the gap.

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  1. ha well I am 18…and yes I am off the blogging age…I blog, search blogs(including micro blogging) 😛 Social Network is for “them” and wannabes and still I have an account, “because I feel like keeping in touch with them 😛 “… but well there are more ppl from my gen who are on my FB list, then ya within a gen there can be gaps 🙂

  2. So very true! I am so exactly like the Gen-X you have written about and that cartoon is simply awesome.

    I am however open to learning from Gen-Y as long as it something that I am interested in.

    And that gap is truly scary. It is getting shorter day by day! How will one be able to comunicate with his or her child when the child is around 25 generations ahead of its parents. 😀

  3. manchitra says:

    I dont know which generation I belong too and feel as if I was born during Mahabharatha era reading your post. Ha..ha..

  4. How very true! I too sometimes feel this way, though as an early 80s born i dont completely identify with the picture you paint!

    There is a micro gap, but it isnt as big as you think 😉

  5. @ Vishesh: Wow, you really think social networking is for ‘them’? Ok, I’m really glad to be in my micro gen 😀

    @ Varun: Absolutely 🙂

    @ Manchitra: Haha, the fact that you’re in the blogosphere says something!

    @ Amreekandesi: I think you’re an exception 🙂

  6. The pace of life has become so fast that every wants to be there….But then again that’s taking away the human touch..Evolution which is suppose to bring revolution is creating more disillusion among people 🙂

  7. hi hi new here… now where do i fit in 😛 ? stone age? nice cartoon that one…cya around…blogrolled yu!

  8. smallstar says:

    how are you??

    I hope you’ll have a sweet and great day, honey…


  9. thethoughtfultrain says:

    The diff between all the people born in the 80s is significant as compared to others. The early 80ers are probably married and the late 80ers are just fresh off college and getting into workforce!! Once all of us move into the next decade of our lives, the gaps will no longer exist! Agree?? 😀

  10. perfect narration of the predicament!

    every generation has its own character (or stereotypes!)… i personally believe the early 80s gen kicks ass over its successors. Mostly due to the fact that it saw the technology/communication surge while it was growing. So while it is still literate enuf for the twitters and switters and hey-luk-its-my-profile-where-i-put-my-hippest-pics, it also inherits (at least partially) the true old school mores.

    n if thts not controversial enuf…then allow me state that the late 80-ers have it real bad…for the reasons very well elicited in ur blog. n i guess its gona get worse… soon we might have generations not as x or y but as ipod versions…3g, 3.5g and 5kg. getting random. must….stop……writing…..arrrghhhhh

  11. Really ? How did you come those understandings ?

  12. I don’t know If I said it already but …Great site…keep up the good work. 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..


  13. One day the cycle will be complete and we will be pushed back into the Jurassic Era … 😛 … lol .. then everyone will blog about Dinosaurs … 😛

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